Forum software - Discourse?

I think you’re using Discourse (like Monzo and Huel) but I can’t see how to spot which topics I’ve read when using the Discourse app

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Black = unread
Blue = seen


Grey = Seen
Black = Unread

Thanks Colin! I’ve had the same issue, spotting unreads is difficult at the moment, agreed. We’ll sort it out! Good thing our @robert is a discourse pro!


Thanks @katja good to know it’s not just me :wink:

Thanks @ColinR - definitely something I want to look into more in the near future

Would you be averse to the mobile topics appearing solely in chronological (latest) order as opposed to by category?

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:+1: Not at all - for Huel I always see ‘Latest’ but for Monzo I have to manually switch from ‘Category’ to ‘Latest’.

PS I tend to use the web on my iPad but the Discourse app on my iPhone.

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