Flipping pancake day - and some tasty photos

We now think of Pancake Day as a celebration of indulgence, but originally it was a way to use up things we already had, not a time to buy more.

Shrove Tuesday was about making the most of what you have and not wasting stuff you were giving up for Lent.

I was inspired by my colleagues playful message on social media:

"We’re not just flipping pancakes! If you think that’s a sweet (or savoury) idea, join us! #happypancakeday

It was really in reference to this post from 2019 about our business model … but there just weren’t enough pancakes in it, so I had to make my own

Flip It!

So, if you don’t have chocolate spread, why not make pancake day a celebration of savoury goodness, and make time for a flaked salmon and tomato salsa meal instead (like me)?

Turn the model on its head while you flip your pancakes, and do things differently - do them your way.

Did you do something special or different today? Share your photos!

BTW, I did get a bit overexcited with this, but the family loved them

oh, and we did actually still find time to indulge in a bit of sweetness too (but not with that mass-market chocolate & hazelnut spread that is full of palm oil, but a delicious alternative made with olive oil instead)


Amazing idea, @robert! Thanks for sharing. I’m having mine for lunch today, so I’ll share my creation shortly.

I’m thinking pineapples on a savoury pancake :thinking:

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I now have all the hunger! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Made these with a sweet batter, peach & pear, and reduced syrup:



Ha, that’s a bit unexpected indeed - like a yorkshire “pudding” :slight_smile:

did it taste good?

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Very tasty. Guess it’s a pancake mix done Yorkshire pudding style

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How’s a banana, pineapple, Nutella pecan, for upside down?

I will be honest and admit I burnt my first attempt, but this is better than coffee :star_struck: