Financial Trends in 2018

Hi guys,

I came across a summary of the financial trends of 2018 that I though you might find interesting!

The author of the blog post identified 4 key trends, which she summarised as outlined below:

Do You Trust Me?
Trust is up for grabs as consumers struggle to balance their desire for convenience and technology with their concern over data breaches and the security of their personal or financial information.

DIY Financial Wellness
The personal financial management tools of yesterday are evolving into do-it-yourself financial improvement apps founded on the basics of behavioral economics and powered by artificial intelligence.

Banking Agnostic
Consumers are faced with more and more options for financial products. The primary banking relationship is changing and giving rise to new disruptors and new approaches from traditional financial institutions.

Alternative Risk Assessment
The traditional credit score is being challenged by companies looking to change how credit-worthiness is determined. The growth of non-credit metrics and predictive analytics will give rise to new opportunities in the credit industry.

Have a read of the full blog post here Financial Services Marketing Trends 2018: How’d We Do? |

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