Financial Health Book Club

Hello, dozens community!

Before I started working at Dozens, I was finding it very hard to stay on top of my personal finances. So that got me into reading books on finance, to help me understand and learn more about money. I try to read or listen to at least one money book every month to educate myself about saving, investing, budgeting and wealth building.

Here’s my top 3 list:

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

So what do you read/listen to get a grip on your finances and make your money grow? I am always looking for recommendations, so if you have any good suggestions on personal finance books I’d love to know about them.



Hi @Sheza,

Don’t read much nowadays, but a couple of money podcasts I listen to are FinTech Insider by 11:FS and London Fintech Podcast by Mike Baliman.

I’m semi retired now and they keep me up to scratch with what is going on in the industry.


Highly recommend reading Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing (

A really great book to help new people think about investing and taking steps towards understanding how it all works.


The FinTech Insider is a very cool and interesting podcast with some really great guests. I have not listened to the London Fintech Podcast, yet. Will definitely give it a go! :headphones:

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve added it to my list. I’ve been dipping my toes into investing recently, but still have a lot to learn about it. :nerd_face:

Hey Sheza!

Unf*ck Your Finances by Melissa Browne is pretty much my bible :grin: There is also a helpful workbook to go with it now. She doesn’t go into great amounts of depth, but I find it really helped me focus on my goals and how I really feel about money.

Mr. Money Mustache’s blog post about debt (News Flash: Your Debt Is an Emergency!!) totally changed my attitude towards my debt situation and is good if you need some motivation/a wake-up call!!


Nice thread! I should read some of those.

I am in the process of planning a book or series of blog posts or articles (depending if I have a chance of being published) about debt, from the perspective of the journey and what is worth knowing and doing (and also not worrying about) along the way. So in other words, not how to avoid it but what to do if a person is in it more than they feel they can cope with.

So if anyone has read any books that cover any interesting or helpful comments on debt, I’d be interested to know about them. As I am not a finance expert, I want to make contact with debt / finance pros who I can quote and reference.


This is a really nice read too for those who like their politics liberal/centre ground/hopeful.


I read that book and loved it - sadly the topic of a Universal Basic Income has been overwhelmed by other pressing matters in the public debate

Great read though!

I wondered if anyone here has read this, or maybe has it on a Xmas list:

I suspect that @DaisyE might have, and I know that some of my colleagues already follow Emilie Bellet.

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I am really liking this thread, lots of books I haven’t read or heard of before…

To make my contribution, old but gold…channeling my inner Warren Buffet and makes you see how the Dozens Invest strategy makes so much sense for the ‘intelligent’ investor.


I want to add two great books to this list that are both slightly peripheral to “financial health” but would still be really useful in a more general way.

Universal Basic Income is a subject that fascinates me personally and this book is also about culture and the wider impact of the idea (so not an economics text book by any means).

Disclosure: you will find my name listed at the back as one of the supporters to get this published but I get no benefit from its sale.

The second is more of a lifestyle book that anyone could find useful in many different aspects of their life, including their financial planning:

Just started this book (no spoilers please!), but really enjoying the style and content - not surprising since it is by Alice Ross, Deputy News Editor at the FT.

Interestingly it is not just technical data, but starts off by explaining the basics of investing, including risk profiles and understanding your risk appetite.

Really enjoying it so far. Has anyone else bought it or read it? It was only published in November 2020 so is up to date.