Festive period: app releases and support

Apologies if I’ve missed it, but given that both Apple and Google have freezes over Christmas for new app deployments, I was wondering if there were any more releases planned this side of the festivities?

Which also made me wonder about the arrangements for support over this period.

Anything you can share, Robert?

Oh, and let me take this opportunity to say the best wishes to everyone on here. 2020’s been an odd one, eh?!


Hi Peter,

We’ll be sending an email shortly about our opening hours over the festive period, so keep an eye on your inbox for an update on that from us :slight_smile:

I’ve raised your first question re: app releases with the product team, so I’ll revert here once I have a response.

And thank you for the festive wish! It has been a very long and weird year, but I’m ending with a lot to be grateful for, which is good! I hope your end of year is proving the same, too?