Feedback Regarding Payment/Transaction Notifications

When making a Faster Payment via the app, a notification appears saying “Payment Received”, rather than the “Payment Sent” I would expect.

Also, it would be neat if the card/bank transfer notifications included the merchant / receiver / sender of a transaction, as well as the amount, i.e. “Spent £10 at [Merchant]”, “Received £10 from [sender]”, “Sent £10 to [receiver]”.


I second this


I’m not getting any notifications at all. Anyone else having the same problem?

Reported in app, but I didn’t realise chat closes when you exit the app, so my support query got lost somewhere, I think…

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Are push notifications enabled (top left icon >> Notifications >> Push Notifications, I think)?

I’ve got all the notification options selected.
I’ve tried playing with the phone settings too, but nothing.
Just checking to see if there’s a known issue, but seems not

I’m on Android, and it is working fine - so it could well be an issue on iOS.
Maybe @robert (sorry we’re keeping you busy here!) could look into it.

No worries. I’m android. I’ll try chat again!

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I’m not aware of issues but individual phone settings can seriously affect how it works. We may need to contact you individually to explore this

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You’re not alone. I’m on Android and not getting any notifications either. I got in touch with dozens earlier and it got referred to IT, but I’ve not heard back from them yet.

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I am not receiving push notifications either. I have all the necessary sections checked. No issues from other banking apps.

Android is always the victim :disappointed_relieved::sob:


I’ve been referred to the relevant team as well and waiting to hear back.

I think that it would be good to name the sender/payee. My iPhone is receiving notifications fine, and very quickly.

Don’t rub it in :relaxed:

So, notifications just started for me - not related to an update.

I wonder if I had to use my card with PIN first, as they started after a PIN payment, but could just be coincidence

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Was this your first transaction on the card (requiring chip and pin) or something else?

Yes, this das my first transaction with chip and pin!

I’d changed the pin at an atm, then contactless was working without having to do a pin transaction first.

I assumed changing your pin qualified as active, but maybe that’s wrong…

I believe it should too - but I will check

As you say, it may be unrelated and just a coincidence :slight_smile:

Alright, alright Gaoler, don’t rub it in :relaxed:

Spare a thought for us notification-less Android users when you’re being told about all your spending.

I gave the chip-and-pin thing a go today after reading your post, but still no notifications.

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Bad times!
Strongly suggests something else is going on and I just got lucky :four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you for your sympathy. :relaxed: