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Hi all!

As explained on AC’s post here - [Dozens: Overall Update + Community Changes] I’ll be heading up the Community from now on and I’d really like to start with an overview of what your thoughts are around the Community.

It would be great to hear a little more about what you’d like to see from the Community moving forward. What has been missing? What do you enjoy?

I’m particularly interested in the following:

  1. Which topics are most interesting to you.
  2. What would you like hear more of? Who would you like to hear more from?
  3. What have you seen in other communities that you’d like to see here?

Of course, any other general comments are more than welcome :slight_smile:


Ability to vote on feedback and ideas threads

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Genuine question: do you think that makes a difference?

Elsewhere I just worry that they set expectations and then there’s resultant anger when the thing with votes doesn’t get built.


Not sure the extent to which it influences products, but I find it interesting seeing what gets voted on and suspect it increases community engagement.


Thanks @o99 - So participation is important, along with a general interest in what other people think.

Are there any particular topics that you find interesting on here, or ones you seek out?

@Peter you’re very active on here - what was it about Dozens Community that had you coming back?

From my perspective the good bits of the community are where it brings together the views, sometimes disparate, of users who are invested in the Dozen’s journey, either fiscally or philosophically. Engagement of the brand in this is key and whether discussion should be wide ranging and strategic, tactical and down in the detail, or both are moot points. As a small business I would imagine an engaged and hopefully therefore growing group of core users, who could become strong brand advocates, is important.

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