Feedback about the forum / platform

I was wondering what everyone thought about this implementation of Discourse (the software that runs the forum)?

For me, it looks beautiful but some of the things that I’m used to are missing (like being able to click on a button to see latest posts*) aren’t there and I’m finding navigation a bit clunky. Maybe I’ll get used to it in time?

Also, the url being rather than makes me pause for thought. I wonder if could redirect for those of us that are used to Discourse sites starting that way?

But so far so good!

What are your thoughts?

*Spolier, you can still see them at Dozens Community - which is super useful.


@Peter agree about the latest post link. Thanks for the hint :+1::+1::+1:


Ditto :grinning:

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@Peter it sounds like your trying to make it your second home :joy:


we’ve renamed them ‘Active Posts’ but it is the same thing - we have simply added the category buttons to the home page which is something that Discourse doesn’t normally do


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Discourse is great and this impl is pretty OK too - I’ve noticed a few visual glitches, though. Unsure if they’re report worthy, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems to me it is running Discourse, just a pretty heavily modded version.

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Hi Tommy, Katja here from dozens! Glad to hear you like our discourse version here :blush: Yes please report any glitches you spot, even on our community pages! We really appreciate feedback and will try fixing ASAP.


Agreed re: redirecting to! I’m more used to the former and would help.

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As someone who is probably decades onler than the average contributo,r I can say, since I have been continuously active on the internet since its incepton that Discourse is not a proper web Forum. I am still a member of decades onld forums which work perfectly still, they require only a bona fide login. But they have Topics/Subjests of general interest. One can read their valuable information without loggin in (as far as I know they harvets no data/meta data) as since I first ventured onto the web I have used various methods to avoid all USA based technology. Discourse is about harvesting participants personal prifiles, it is cheap and simple to implement, also easy to administer. I have children contempory with most of you posters and, to my personal torment, I have seen them behave as ‘they know best’ and take quite Cavalire actions in terms of their own privacy from day one. This desipte that I have made them feel free to participate albeit on a pragmatically careful basis.However, despite they were at somewhat privaleged schools the siply followed the herd and took no prcautions for their own safty. I have daughters, and its my judgement they are far less caeful than Sons. Why do I not like it? Because I believe Discourse is looking for what can be promoted, it’s a polemic looking for indiduals to advance its interests and since there are so many out there now with access just waiting to sublimate that wish we get all sorts of answeres, plus anythin which is not likes is taken down on one pretext or another.

Are you a bot?

That was an incredibly meandering post and I still aren’t sure what it is you’re trying to imply?


It’s literally just a forum system… nothing wrong with it, works a lot better than other forums I’ve used.


Sorry Aoi, I have no idea what you are talking about. As a place for discussion this one works just fine. R-


I quite like the general design of the forum. I would appreciate a dark mode version of it though.


I notice that some of the icons (?) some of us use to personalise our profile have a sort of “halo” around them. What does this signify please? R-

Where are you seeing that, Roger?

This is my icon in “Active Topics” R-


This is a Discourse feature

The 5 (max) avatars that appear after a topic title are:

First: the topic originator (or “original poster”)
Last: the most recent commenter
2-4: the most active/frequent participants

if you hover your mouse over the image you will see this on the desktop

In the case that the last to comment was actually the original poster, then the second last stays in position 5, and the original poster gets a halo

I have tweaked it a little so that the last to comment is also a small % larger so they stand out more. That is the only specific change to this element

Subtle, but useful :slight_smile:


Thanks Robert. R-

+1 to all of these things…

Edit: I can probably get used to ‘Active’ over ‘Latest’

I’m not keen on anything north of the ‘+ new topic’ button, as every time I refresh I have to scroll. Not sure if this is my laziness talking or if it’s genuinely not good UX.