Feature Request: Transaction Notes and Saved Photo of Receipt

Hi team,

I’m loving the app so far, just made my first payment using the card which arrived the other day. The packaging was awesome and I love the design of the card.

I would love the make the switch from Monzo but there are two features that would be great to see on Dozens (at some point):

  1. The ability to add text notes and searchable hashtags to each transaction. It’s a really useful feature to have because you can remind yourself why you purchased something and create a personal system to categorize transactions for quickly finding something later.

  2. Being able to take a photo of a paper receipt and store it on the transaction - this allows me to not only have the store, location and amount spent available, but also the line items of my purchase.

Additionally, one thing I noticed is the company icon shows on the single transaction listing (with the map etc.) but on the archive page (with all of the transactions) it shows the icon of the category (i think).

I personally find this off-putting, since when scrolling through, the brand logos are more likely to stand out to me than the category logos.

Anyways, just some thoughts. Really happy so far :wink: