Extremely delayed spending notifications

Is anyone else getting extremely delayed notifications for their card spends atm? I haven’t used my dozens cards in a little while (once my dozens budget is spent for a month, I switch back to my main bank account to minimise overdraft use) so I don’t know how long delayed notifications have been a thing.

But this evening I took a trip to the pub and had extremely long delays between making the purchase and the notification coming through. The first was about a 20-30 minute delay, the second was a little over 2 hours (based on the timestamp on the notification vs the timestamp on the transaction in app).

No delays for me during the day - not used this evening.

I am on Android.

Roughly 3 out of 10 spend I get notification.
Maybe 1 out of 3 is instant. The other 2 usually much later.

Remaining 7 out of 10 I don’t really get anything.

This is my daily norm, since the beginning I use it.

We’re certainly not aware of any general issue on notifications, but thanks for letting us know.

This could be something specific to your set up, or maybe to the network as well, something that affects a few people from time to time.

I will do some research.

I’ve also just had an issue this morning with picking up a prescription. I tried to pay with contactless, was asked to insert the card instead, did that and it was declined (plenty of funds in the account). Had to switch to a different card in the end, however I did get 2 transactions appearing in the app and did get an instant notification for 1, but not for the other.

This was using my shareholder card, if that makes any difference.

EDIT: the second notification just came through about 10 minutes later