Event: dozens on Seedrs – Q&A with Aritra Chakravarty, Monday 4th March 18:00

News for anyone that has taken an interest in the dozens crowdfunding on the Seedrs platform.

We would love to give everyone who has registered their interest in investing, the opportunity to ask Aritra some questions about the business and the fundraising.

You can read more about this here: https://dozens.seedrs.com/

We are very aware, and proud, that our customer base is already not just those who live in London but all around the UK. It is exciting to reach so many people, but we do realise that it makes it difficult to come into a central venue to meet us in person (though you are welcome to do that … drop me a line!!)

So, we’ve decided to try something a little easier - an online Q&A over video.

When: Monday, 4th March 6pm (see recording below)

How: Google hangouts (video & chat conferencing)

This is an open format where you will be able to ask questions via chat or voice and we will try to answer as many questions as possible. If any questions are left unanswered due to time constraints we will follow up after the Q&A on the community

If you are not sure if you can make it, but have a question, or if you prefer to type the question in advance rather than speak on the call, then post it below as a comment and we will try to answer as many as we can.

  • Important info: the session will be recorded and will be shared online

  • Disclaimer: please let us know (in the comments below) in advance if you would like to attend. In the unlikely case that the number of participants surpasses the limit, please continue asking any questions on our community.


Here is the recording of the session. Thanks so much to everyone who took part and asked some great questions


When does the Crowdfunding start? I’m sure it will form part of the Q&A but I wanted to be sure.

Can you share with us the targeted valuation, rationale behind, previous rounds with attached valuations and the cap table.

Use of funds? What profiles will you be looking at attracting first?

Why did you invest aggressively on a marketing campaign while the product was not ready and fully tested yet? How do you intend to address customers complaints about the queuing system?

What are your plans for a responsive customer services once you’ve onboarded the first 20 000 customers?

How sustainable is the 5% bond product? How will it develop in the future?

How fast will you launch in a new market? Which one(s)? Have you started applying for the required licences if any?

Should you overfund up to 3M, when are you planning your next round?


I’m sure we’ll be able to see all this information from the pitch section on Seedrs, although I’m sure we’ll be able to ask for further information on here which @robert can then post to Seedrs.

Hopefully, anyways. I have a lot of faith in Dozens from what I’ve heard from it and I genuinely believe this company has good ethics with a good heart for not misleading people. I’ll be investing more than I do usually :stuck_out_tongue:


The session is starting shortly

You can dial into the video call through Google Hangouts via the Google Hangouts app (available for both iOS / Android) or through this link: https://meet.google.com/kyx-bdde-cnk on a Chrome or Firefox browser on your desktop.

If none of these options are available to you, you will also be able to dial in via phone on +44 20 3957 2132‬ PIN: ‪633 233‬#, Cost subject to Google terms.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this session will be recorded and published online by Dozens.

I’ll be there too :slight_smile:

No fancy shirt today … just a Dr Who t-shirt


Ah not going to be able to make it. Had the worst day ever!

Will watch it back once posted!

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I had a nightmare commute home so missed it. Keen to watch the recording, though!


Thanks everyone who took part or asked questions.

The recording of the session has been included in the opening post above.

Sorry that the recording started a few minutes late, but you mainly missed the introductions, so no big loss.

If you have further questions, please post them below and we will try our best to answer them.


Great video as always, AC didn’t shy away from a single question and made a point to clarify dozens vision and offering.

Regarding the 25M pre-money valuation, just sharing the following as a reference:

  • Revolut first round on Crowdcube raised £1,007,050 for 2.39% equity, Revolut had 200,000 users at the time
    (“After just 10 months, over 200,000 customers have embarked on Revolut’s mission to transform the global B2C payments and transfer industry. Revolut has handled over US$500 million in customer funds. These transactions are growing at an average of 36% every month with 1,500 new customers joining every day. As a testament to the product, user acquisition is primarily driven by recommendations from friends and families”)

  • Weswap first round on Seedrs raised £2,451,373 at a £24,120,180 pre-money valuation, Weswap also had 200 000 users at the time
    (“Over 200,000 travellers have already joined us to change the way travel money is done, and we welcomed over 55,000 new swappers to the community this summer alone. Since January 2016 over £25 million has been exchanged through our platform to date and we’ve seen our volumes grow on average 24% month on month”)

I do believe in the product and services Dozens is offering, however I have difficulty to make any sense of the current valuation. Hope this could be revisited before the campaign launches on Seedrs


Bit rich for my blood. Is there any justification for this in the video?

Maybe it’s me but I can’t quite see how we’ve got to this valuation just yet.


The world has changed a lot since those raises…

At the moment, it’s all hype until the full product is released.

I’ve seen many campaigns die on the back of an overvaluation, or even worse (imo) having to back down and chop a third off of the company value.

It’s best to get it right first time.

This doesn’t feel right to me.


Just a little thing, I was ready to join in, but the hangout client was set up so that you couldn’t access without full cam and mike permissions, and that should have been said earlier (ie, would have planned not to look like a demented steampunk inventor after a hard day at work). Sorry to have missed it for that.

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We did mention it was a Hangout and being recorded (though we didn’t end up showing anyone - but you could always have jumped in to ask a question). We don’t do enough of these ‘live’ to have a more complex set-up - maybe next time :slight_smile:

You did, just didn’t want to frighten people :stuck_out_tongue:

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The app/client requires mic and cam permissions, but you were able to turn off cam and mic before requesting to join the call :slight_smile:


In case dozens does more of these live events:

I was able to click the link and then press deny to allowing the microphone and camera access, which allowed me to enter the livestream without having to worry about all that

If you’ve granted access to them previously on hangouts you may not have had this option but you can still disable them again by going here:

weird, I did get the popups, but the join in was greyed out. Ah well, hangout is a weird platform (and won’t be around for long anyway), so… Next time :slight_smile:

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True. But if Monzo was launching now as it did back in the day, so you really think its valuation should be about the same?