Emma integration

Hi guys - I wondered if there were any plans for integration with aggregator services (particularly Emma) as that’s the one I use? Would be great to be able to keep using that as a single point of truth for all my finances including Dozens…


Seconded! Although I’m guessing an API is some way away right now

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No news on this?

I think it’s a shame new fintechs don’t launch with at least a basic API.

the truth is that an API is something that comes once the system itself is more complete and stable. You can’t build tools for others to use if you are still changing and improving your system, and launching it too soon can mean that things break.

If we had released something that needed to change every month or so, customers and partners would get understandably frustrated. Or if we launched something that we had to ensure would not break, it would slow down development or implementation of new features even further.

We are actively working on our API (as is the whole industry) and integrations such as this are likely to be available in the near future


I know there’s still a lot changing very fast at dozens, but any news on the API? Is this something that will come after the VISA setup is live?

I’ve given up using my card for day to day purchases, as it was just too annoying to have a spending card that doesn’t connect to Emma or Yolt. Aggregation is now at a stage where anyone not integrated is at a serious disadvantage.

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I don’t have a specific date for this yet, unfortunately but we are actively working on it at the same time as the other developments. We have finite development resources so these need to be balanced with other priorities, including the Visa migration. Of course, even after we make this available, you will still need to wait for those other services to create the necessary integrations on their end.

I do take your point, and we are wanting to offer this, but this is still a specialist request. There is a very dedicated group of well-informed individuals who want to use all these services and have multiple accounts with different fintech services.

There are still millions of UK consumers who have yet to even discover mobile banking services and be convinced to manage their finances this way, and ‘open banking’ integrations are not necessarily the drivers for this audience.

That is why Dozens offer the full services in a single app - so they don’t have to. While we definitely want to have this available, unlike some other fintech offerings that focus on just one or two services and therefore work best in combination with other accounts, we want to make life simple for our customers.


Thanks for the update - and happy New Year!

Focusing limited resources is always a challenge and only dozens can decide what’s a priority.

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