Easter plans and a fresh voice

Do you have any relaxing plans for the Easter break?

With the arrival of Spring sunshine :sun_behind_small_cloud: I am sure lots of us are making plans to enjoy a little time outdoors and maybe even away from work.

I know I am!

I wanted to let you know that I shall be away from Dozens HQ for just over a week enjoying some country air :compass: :walking_man: :sun_with_face: , and that in my absence the amazing @katja will look after the community.

Katja and I work really closely together so you may already have chatted to her, but please do drop her a note to say hello if you get a moment - I know she’d appreciate it.

The great thing is that Katja also looks after :dozens: innovations so this might be a great moment to chat about events, meetings, new ways to interact with each other or how to use your Dozens accounts.

I shall still be reading and may post some thoughts inspired by my Cotswold rambles, but otherwise I look forward to catching up after Easter. I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family too.

Thanks, and good luck Katja! :wave:


Enjoy your well deserved break @robert!!


:scream::grimacing::see_no_evil: Thanks @robert!

:hugs: Hi everyone, will try my best to be an Easter replacement for Rob! :rabbit:

What are your plans, are you taking your Dozens cards anywhere nice? :dozens_card::desert_island:


Hey everyone, it seems the community platform was down for a bit but it should be back up and running now! :crossed_fingers:


Enjoy your well deserved break, and hullo Katja :slight_smile:
No plans for the weekend, it’s been pretty much work non stop in the last few months, the joy of running a business that has a lot of dealings with the EU grumbles about politicians :stuck_out_tongue: