🥚 Easter Comp: Redesign our Dozens Logo 🌻

Calling all creatives!

It’s the Easter Holidays, so here’s an easter challenge to keep all those young (and old) Dozens fans occupied for the two week break.

Using the template below, we’d love to see how you and yours can reimagine our Dozens logo

Everyone is welcome to enter - children, parents, friends, pets (?) etc… :grin:

Forget the mango and black, get the colouring kit out and get imagining…think outside the squircle :dozens::exploding_head:

Post your entries in the thread below and we’ll share them with the full company to pick their favourite. Some members of the Dozens team might even have a go themselves (don’t worry, they aren’t able to win the prize!)

1st place will get £150, as well as seeing the winning masterpiece as the WeAreDozens logo for the next few weeks.

2nd place will get £50.

Print it and get the crayons out, or download it on good old MS Paint and have a go :paintbrush: :art:

Competition closes Monday 25th April with winners announced that week :slight_smile:

*You must be a member or affiliated with a member of wearedozens community to enter the competition. Entrants must be UK based. All entries must be posted on topic thread. All entries are free. Winners will be decided by an anonymous vote by Dozens staff. Multiple entries are allowed. Full T&C’s here * .


I’ll let you off for this based on the fact this is such a fun idea :wink:

Now I just need to pry the iPad out of my nieces hands long enough to use it! :slight_smile:

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Your niece is more than welcome to put in an entry too :slight_smile:

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One 3 year old’s drawing coming right up Rob!


Here’s a bright and funky design for an awesome company! Can’t wait to see the other designs :slight_smile:


Happy Easter everyone :sunflower: :hibiscus: :cherry_blossom:


It may look like a 3 year olds drawing but it was in fact my 28 years young self!


Support for Ukraine


Any last minute entries?! Clock is ticking! :laughing: :clock10: :clock1030: :clock11:

Well, uptake was small but quality was high!

Many thanks for taking part @Roman and congratulations on the winning entry :slight_smile:

I’ll be in touch separately to work out the best way to claim your prize! :clinking_glasses:

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Thank you!

The holiday season may have contributed to the lower uptake. Many people could be enjoying the sunshine while we were painting at home (or aboard? :wink: )

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Looking good @Roman :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 17.44.57


That was quick!