Early testing accounts - joining the feedback group

Welcome to the dozens community feedback area!

If you are new to the community, but are joining because you are one of the lucky earliest card-holders, then you may not yet be able to send me a private message. Instead, you can leave me a note here and I will add you to the private group where we are discussing any issues that you might be facing or bugs you may have come across.

Some of the general issues or developments with the app and business will also be discussed here in the public section, but for individual account-related matters it is better to share information in a non-public area.

If you have not yet received your code, but would like to join the those who are already testing the app, please continue to be patient. There are only a limited number of codes available at any one time so that we can give our new customers the attention required while the systems are new for everyone, so I am unlikely to be able to help … yet.

Here at dozens we committed early-on to give our waitlist members (those who expressed support for dozens while it was still an idea, and being built by our community) the first chance to access the app, so we are giving priority to those who’ve been waiting the longest. It will hopefully not be long until we get around to everyone who has joined us recently.

I do appreciate your enthusiasm, patience and support.


Ooh, does this mean that codes are out now, or that they’re imminent?

:eyes: :dozens:

PS if I can end the week with both a Dozens and a Starling euro account I’m gonna be super happy! :raised_hands:


I’ve not got anything yet…

I think it could well happen @Peter!

Do we need to pm you to get into this group @robert

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Thanks for adding me! Looking forward to getting the card :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oooo, great to see invites are rolling out! :slight_smile: :eyes:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed

Woo woooooo…

Now, where to get my sweet sweet 5% interest on a couple of buttons and a Freddo…


got my code too :blush:


Nice! I can only hope! :smiley:

It’s @Peter I feel concerned for.

First Starling have blacklisted him, and if Dozens shelve him as well… Well… We could see a FinTech armageddon from an angry forum user :joy:

Starling love you really… I think!


Thanks all -

As mentioned before, we are sending releases in small batches at the moment. There are many steps to test even before the app (email, cards, activation, …) so if you’ve not got that code, don’t worry.

A few early active community users here were added to the list but the majority of codes are going to our waitlist users as promised. I expect more codes later this week, and early next week as we scale this up.


I may or may not be 50% of the way there… :eyes:


:tada: :fire:

And that’s two for two. It’s been a good day!


Looking forward to my spot coming :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m running an iPhone SE with the smallest screen ever, so it seems to me like it’d be very wise to get me involved early doors to test in this environment.

Just sayin. :wink:


Ohh looking forward to either getting a code…or the 2,642 infront of me dropping quickly ha! … Show me that sweet sweet yellow card goodness :yellow_heart::credit_card:


Hi @robert - would love to be added to the trailblazers group. App updated and code received. Exciting times!

Hi @robert - can you add me to trailblazers please? Thanks, Aaron

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Really looking forward to being a part of this and love the communication and look of the proposition so far!

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Hi @robert please can you add me to the trailblazers group :sunglasses:

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@robert can you add me to the trailblazers group please, I’ve had my code!

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