Early-bird sign ups to the dozens app

The keenest of observers amongst you may have noticed that the dozens app has quietly appeared in the app store and google play.

We’re about to make a MUCH bigger announcement about this along with some other fantastic news about dozens. There will also be some golden yellow brightening your morning commutes starting soon.

If you have already gone ahead and tested the app, THANK YOU!

The reason we’ve done this for a few days before saying anything official was to test it, and the early-birds have already given us some very useful help and found various things that aren’t working as planned.

If you’ve been through it, and have got any feedback on the process, do let us know here. There are two areas we are already working on based on user feedback:

  1. Document verification:
    This is EXTREMELY important as you can imagine, so we want to get this right. There are a few cases where even small issues, particularly where the image is blurred, that users are getting notifications that their approval has been unable to be completed. We will follow up on these and tweak the process to make sure that these don’t happen too often.

  2. Email confirmation links:
    The emails that are sent from the system are not including the necessary tokens to allow users to confirm their emails. Don’t panic! We will fix the system and resend the messages that have already been sent. This does not affect your ability to complete the sign-up process, but it could make it difficult to ensure you always stay up to date, so obviously it is frustrating. Sorry about that.

If you have come across any other issues with the sign-up at this early stage, do let me know and I will pass them on or help as much as I can.

Oh, and the special offer for anyone on the waitlist still stands … but the list is just about to close, so tell your friends and family to get a move on if they’ve not already signed up!


Thanks for the update, super excited to get into the app myself.

One thing I’m currently experiencing is that I on Android, I am unable to log back in to an account that I created and completed signup on.

It is just coming up with a ‘Ooops! Something went wrong!’ message after I enter my phone number, despite being sure I am using the correct phone number.

Hi @robert sign up was pretty flawless for me. Took a couple of goes to get the photo ID to capture but nothing significant. Straight through to the waitlist screen.
And as mentioned the only issue is the email links.

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Hmm, that doesn’t sound right. Have you updated the app since you completed the process? There have been a few updates already, so it might be worth trying to either update the app, or possibly uninstalling and downloading again. As you’ve completed the process, you should not lose anything.

Edit: we might be making changes now so should probably wait a few hours. You’re not alone with this issue

great to hear :slight_smile:

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I’m getting error 500 when I try to go through the sign up.
I maybe need an invite or something first so I may not be eligible to try just now though so that’s maybe why?

No, you don’t need an invitation in order to download the app and go through the application process. The issue at the moment is that there are upgrades and fixes going on behind the scenes, so the apps are not able to connect to the servers.

This should be finished shortly and it will then be possible to go through the process again

Thanks for your patience while we get this ready :slight_smile:

Great thanks for the update, all working fine now and back into the waiting list screen :+1:

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Signup process was flawless here - I’ve got to say I really like how the app doesn’t even ask you for your name, rather it attempts to extract it from your ID for you to then correct and continue on.

Now at the waiting screen myself. Always happy to help out testing if it’s needed :eyes: :wink:


Hi, I submitted my video and photo ID to be approved over 90 minutes ago and not heard anything. Is this a known bug?

There are many variables, so it can take different times for many reasons. Don’t worry, but thanks for letting us know

Thanks for a prompt reply!

I’m just concerned that it’s taking this long, I’m worried there’s something wrong with my application. Verification has taken more than 2 hours NOW.

Any help would be appreciated. Absolutely love the idea of Dozens, especially after listening to the podcast from the CEO!

There’s no need to be concerned. :slight_smile:

In the vast majority of cases verification goes through fine, but in some (for a whole range of reasons, including for our own testing and training) we need to run extra checks, including some manual processing by a specialist team.

If you have any personal or account questions, please do feel free to raise them via help@dozens.com rather than discussed here.

I signed up for the early bird for Dozens on my iPhone, but have recently changed phones to an android, will i still be in the queue for the early bird if i login on my new android. Also, what is the time frame for queue for the early access to dozens and when will the full app be launched to the public?

Do we know when members already signed up will have the ability to send codes to friends? I note that option is currently greyed out in the app.

As we need to control the numbers joining for the time being, we can’t turn this on, though we appreciate the support.

Once we get through this list of people waiting, at the very least those who’ve joined us here at the start, then maybe we will then turn that option on


I just got my code so hopefully will get my card soon.
Does this app make instant notification noise like monzo does?

The count is barely moving…

I get the idea of slow scaling but why release an app to queue users when you’re not ready to begin on boarding at all (barring preview users).

Hi Andy, we’ve had hundreds of users join in the last couple of days

You may not see the queue number moving if you are one of the earliest to install the app but were not on the waitlist. We’ve always said that we would prioritise those people who supported us very early on and have in some cases been waiting for 6 months. However, we are sending out a LOT of codes at the moment to clear the queue, but do it in steps so that we do not have thousands of cards going out at the very same time.

I’m literally sending out a batch now … so who knows, this could be the day :wink:


Could you add me to ‘trailblazers’ thanks!

Just received my invite code. Looking forward to seeing what Dozens has to offer!