Dozens: what will you miss? What do you want?

So we’re on the final countdown for Dozens.

Inspired by @tor, I have two questions!

  1. What will you miss when Dozens closes?

  2. What would tempt you back to Dozens should it make a phoenix like return in, say, a couple of years?

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Well, me again, but that’s an easy one. I really loved the camaraderie of the team and the project imagine folk, the workshops and events were great, as co-creation is something I enjoy, and it felt like a ‘‘good’’ company. As you know, never was a client, but I’m still happy having been a small part of the adventure (and still wear the hoodies :stuck_out_tongue: )


I came on board too late for the workshop and events. I do love co-creation though.

My top piece of advice if/when Dozens reappears: try and replicate this online. Monzo got a whole ton of early traction by teasing and discussing beta features online. Now they rarely got the balance right, but if PI found a structured way to say “right, we’re thinking of introducing a new rules-based transfers function, it’ll take about a year” then come back and do some regular online show and tells (and then introduce early versions to eager beavers) I think that’d help drive engagement, generate publicity but (more importantly) provide extra data and therefore a better product.

Edit: and, I forgot to mention, iterate frequently and publicly, pointing out where you’ve made changes due to feedback!