Dozens Personas

Hi Guys,

I may be going way out on a limb here but after reading some of the discussions around how Dozens can be useful to different people I thought I would produce the following which is a set of Personas based on how I can see Dozens being used by different people in different ways…

I hope its helpful to people to understand how the various different parts of the app can be used by different people!

If @robert @Eleanor or @AC have any problems with me posting this then please let me know and I can remove it ASAP…

(Apologies for the watermark its created in a free tool that I use for work)

All opinions and information in the Personas are based on my own knowledge and do NOT represent Dozens in any way

Dozens User Personas


Without revealing my category…

You nailed it.


Cheers - hope I got a good spread - as with all user personas you can end up going down a rabbit hole of ‘edge cases’ but I thought these four covered the majority of user cases.

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Ditto although I am nearly 3 times Millenial Mark’s age the rest is more or less spot on. R-

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I did consider leaving off the ages as this can always be a bit misleading with this type of persona but i think people can see that age is irrelevant really it just helps to ‘frame’ a situation that someone may be in

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Yup - I can see that. Good job. R-

I use personas at work myself and it really helps understand the use cases and users themselves.

Another startup working near my desk does “design personas” too, which allow them to see who prefers particular layouts, features and designs elements.