Dozens partnering with Westminster City Council

I think all those who believe branches should close just lack imagination for what a branch could be… So this will be interesting!


Thanks for spotting and sharing this

Yes, we have started a new partnership with the council to give us insight into the realities of customer finances beyond the tech social bubble.

This is not something that will be solved overnight, but we are keen to explore it as early as possible so that it informs our whole development, not something that we need to try and “fit into” in future.

Last night’s event was our first collaboration, with a business focus on startups and small to medium businesses, including some local business. We all enjoyed the night tremendously - the activities were a little out of the ordinary for most “focus groups” people are used to.

We are also looking forward to being able to move into some high street premises soon, and having even more conversations with local businesses and residents. It is a very energising and engaging thing to do.

Hopefully we can get some of the community to join us for this “pop up”

I agree. There is still a role for the high street but it has to be more ‘event-based’ than retail. Shops like HMV could try promoting the local music scene (like Waterstones does with books).

Something like the Virgin Money Lounges are the direction I see things heading - well, maybe not with the bowling alleys etc. I think having a physical presence (eventually) is still a benefit, even if it’s a ‘café’ in a few of the big cities like ING Direct had in the US/Canada.


In terms of branches.

Check out opposite Richmond station, RBS is horrific, I feel like going back in time to the 70s…

Halifax flagship at Tottenham court road, a big highlight, a very focused branch on home owner and the journey you are on it. Amazing, fresh perspective.