Dozens on the high street?

I can’t remember the last time I stepped in to a bank branch. :bank:

The whole idea of FinTech is make old manual processes obsolete, replacing the buildings, cashiers and waiting lines with fast, intuitive apps.

I think we can all agree there’s no going back - but… Is there one thing that you still use a physical branch for? What would you miss? What could Dozens offer?

Paying in cheques and cash from awkward companies or the elderly is all I use a branch for nowadays. I did have an account I could image a cheque via but switched it for an incentive. Once or twice a year I’d hazard a guess at in terms of branch attendance.

I prefer to use a branch when it can get me access to a person to sort a problem. It’s all very well putting things online or on the end of a phone but if the customer service sucks then you need someone to resolve quickly or you lose custom.

I once had a problem with my Lloyds account, I’d moved home and they had updated my address across the whole Banking group. But inside my Lloyds online banking it still inexplicably had my old address, months later. Calling got me nowhere. Either to the phone banking or the internet banking helpline. They both said the address had been updated even though I could see the wrong one. I had to physically go to a branch and wave it in someones face to get it fixed.

Perhaps better education for the people on the phone maybe? But sometimes as in business face to face is best.

Could face to face also be virtual? Would that help fill the gap of virtual v poor service?

How would you feel about plugging in to a bank branch in the metaverse?

No qualms with the idea - but generally speaking I’m happy with :speech_balloon:

Would be a little dystopian should it include branch paraphernalia

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The closest I have come to using a branch in the last decade was to grab large amounts of cash (ok, that sounds like I was going there with a balaclava :stuck_out_tongue: ), as I played poker. But obviously the last two years put paid to private meets, and very unlikely to ever go back, especially since now my main card provider provides deliveries for that, so…

I was going to have to contact our compliance team then! :smile:

From the bearded, bekilted Dozens mascot to a bank robber, what a terrible trajectory :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a tough one. There’s a lot that could be fixed I guess by excellent customer service. I’ve been a starling customer for several years, and had nothing but good service. I could open a chat and be talking to someone instantly. Now… it takes a whole day sometimes to get an answer. I know in a branch I could walk in and usually be able to speak to someone fairly quickly.

I’m also with Revolut, and their customer service is far worse, lack of knowledge by agents, and a lot of copy paste responses. that have one matching key word, that their automated chat bot had already given to me. And the person you do speak to doesn’t seem to feel like they care, and they can just end the chat when they’ve had enough.

I guess it’s an ethos thing :smiley: - if the finance provider has a good, customer focussed ethos backed by enough knowledgeable staff, I think I could manage. I mean I’ve raised numerous issues with Dozens, the speed isn’t always there and the engagement via e-mail and not really proper in app chat is a little jarring, but I get it’s still a tech startup so I can put up with that (for now… but really needs fixing). However, I always felt like the person I was talking to was interested in resolving the issue. I don’t get that with other places.

Example just this week, I’m doing a CASS from Barclays to Lloyds, I got a letter saying I’ll get 5 years of printed statements unless I say no. call number x. called number x “number out of service, call number Y”, called number Y “this is an automated service tell me what you want”, “I don’t want 5 years of statements”, " if you want a statement you can get one online, if this isn’t what you wanted press buttons to speak to someone" … press buttons “do you have the app, press buttons if you do”, press buttons “if you have the app we’re currently dealing with queries over chat, please hang up and use the app” … hang up got to app… auto bot “what do you want” “I don’t want 5 years of statements” “if you want a statement” agghh “talk to a person” “hi how can I help” “I don’t want 5 years of statements” … “I can’t help with that you need to call number X” “number x out of service, gave me number Y which sent me here”. “ah ok you need nubmer Y, we can’t access your details here”… “what, in the offical barcalys app logged in you can’t access my account” “no” AGGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH FFSD"£$$"£%

That sounds pretty frustrating @OwerdnA :see_no_evil:

So it’s still that care and attention you seem to get in person at a bank branch that is sometimes missing.

It’s good feedback about our customer service and always welcomed. Can I ask what you mean by not proper in app chat?

Probably that it doesn’t stay present if you leave the app for a while and go elsewhere