Dozens in Ireland

Hay Dozens crack team :+1::grinning: just wondering if you guys have any plans to do an Irish launch?

I am an Irish investor and would love the chance to get my mates here signed up.


We have no firm plans to launch in Ireland, I’m afraid - though that would be fantastically exciting … and I might even see if we could move the Community team to be based there if we did!

Of course we like to keep an open mind in terms of what new markets to look at though, so feel free to make the pitch here and we will certainly listen. Right now there’s still plenty of work to be done in the UK, but when the right opportunity comes up …

I might even have to have a word with @AC about organising a community-led fact-finding mission

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Lol :joy: that would be fantastic to have you guys over on a reconnaissance mission. We could make sure you got plenty of liquid refreshments :grinning:

Let me have a think about the case for coming here and will do all the points I can think.

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Ok here are some thoughts.

  • Very similar legal and banking structure and regulations to the UK.

  • Dublin now has many international people working here working in the very fast growing tech industry.

  • Ireland has a low population age. So plenty of potential savers.

  • Ireland is a country that is early adopters to tech.

  • Because of small size it is a good testing bed for new products and services.

  • There are not to many banks here so it is ripe for distribution. I think especially in the Dozens space.

  • Not sure if it makes difference with you guys but we have double taxation agreements with allot of countries.