Dozens Gift

Team. Thanks for the ten pounds. But I can’t help thinking is there a marketing opportunity then should this be 12 pounds / dozen ?


Personally, as we are twice as brave to test out a new Fintech, I think it should be 2 X £12 each :eyes:

On a more serious note, the marketing has already worked (it only went out to the people on the very early waitlist), and from memory, the £10 gift was something that was introduced afterwards (there was possibly a week or so to sign up to the waitlist after this was announced, but it wasn’t particularly well known back then).

Seems little point in spending more than you need to, especially when the customers are already bought in.

But yeah, I’m all for the 12 reference at any chance we can get! :joy:


Here’s your first Dozen.

Invest it with us and you could make Dozens more…

(See mum, my marketing degree wasn’t a waste).