Dozens down?

I’ve just gone to open the app, but I’ve found I’ve been totally logged out. Putting in my phone number gives an error message:

Is this happening to anyone else?

Playing nicely here… app up to date / restarted etc?

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Hmm, still not working.

I’ll let the technology sleep on it and try again in the morning.

Are you Android or iOS? (Android here, latest Play Store version).

iOS here… hope its back for you in the morning :slight_smile:

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Thanks for flagging @Peter. We’ve tested on various people’s Androids and not yet been able to replicate the issue. Hopefully it will right itself in the morning, but please do let us know if not.


All well here but when I had an issue logging in in the past a deletion and re-installation of the app cured all. It was also a very pain free process despite my initial procrastination!

Thanks all!

That was a bit strange: reinstall yesterday didn’t work. Nor did this morning. Uninstalled before work, reinstalled now and could log in.

I’ll chalk it up to “well that was odd”.

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