Dozens ‘Don’t Allow Top Ups’

Having been paid into Dozens, I have been topping up my Revolut for joint household spending by Apple Pay - it allows this amount of my budget to be accounted for by setting Revolut as a ‘merchant’ in track nice & easily. I do this largely because Revolut have a Group Bill and joint spending is adjusted directly in my analytics on there - so it works better on that platform. Anything left after this and other things is my personal unbudgeted spend in track.

Earlier I decided to top up using my Visa Debit (presumably cutting Apple out of the interchange equation) but it was declined. Support later confirmed ‘ Our team has confirmed that the transaction was declined because we do not allow top ups with Dozens’ - advising me to make a transfer instead (even thought Apple Pay already works - presumably circumnavigating this rule). From a revenue perspective - it must be better for Dozens for me to be making this money transfer by card?

My question to this really then is, why? In this scenario you are essentially attaining revenue from a competitor without Apple/Google’s involvement in the transaction.

Feedback would be welcomed :relieved:

Depending on how much you top-up, it’s cheaper for Dozens to pay the Faster Payment fee than any POS fail for the card use potentially. I can’t be sure as I don’t know their costs but my experience of FPS be POS in banking, it is true.

I’m not familiar with this, could you explain for me?

Sorry @Rexx, I meant POS fee, the charge Dozens are charged each time you use your card somewhere. POS meaning Point of Sale.

Sure - but would this not be offset by the interchange fees paid by the merchant (in this case Revolut)?

Not all card providers earn interchange. But I don’t know the business model of Dozens operations.

Ultimately, it looks like a bank transfer is your only way to go unless you continue to use Apple Pay :thinking:

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I’m sure I read that Dozens we’re looking to redistribute interchange to charities with Dozens Black.

It appears so - but will be interesting to hear if anyone from Dozens knows more!

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Hi @Rexx I’m speaking with the team to nail down why this is the case - will let you know my findings!


How did you get on :slight_smile:

Ok, so we’ve been in touch with our payment processor to double check what the issue was. It seems they received the incorrect ‘transaction type’ message, one that it doesn’t accept and was therefore unable to process the transaction. This is a mistake and is being rectified. I’ll let you know when this change has been made and maybe you can give us a heads up if you have any more issues when using your Dozens Card to top up your Revolut account (alongside our own tests of course :wink:).

Apple/Google Pay continues to work as the ‘transaction type’ message is different and there’s no issue in being able to process it.

To confirm, we do allow top ups and there should be no difference for these transactions from any other. I think there was possibly a misunderstanding from the service team - we no longer allow in-app top-ups to your Dozens card. Sorry about that!

Thanks for raising @Rexx and I’ll let you know when these changes have been made. Let know if you have any other questions :+1:


Thanks for the heads up. This is good to know.

I’ll probably next top up sometime next week - do you think it’ll be worth trying that early?

Edit - I just read that you were going to provide an update - so I’ll wait till then

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No problem @Rexx This change needs to made on the payment processor side. Just getting some clarification on timings :slight_smile:

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Sorry, just chased the payment processor for an update. There’s been no progress on this due to a change freeze over the Christmas period. Work should begin on this as we’re now in the new year. The change now sits with VISA, not Marqeta (our payments processor). Should they not be able to do this by April, then Marqeta will make changes on their side to accept these transaction types as a back-up - we’re not the only ones affected by this issue so hopefully it’ll be complete soon. Will keep you in the loop as soon as I hear something.


No sorry required! Just interested. Thanks for the update.

Any news on this?