Dozens Debit Card Functionality 💳

I’ve been noticing a few issues with my debit card and I wanted to know if these are expected/experienced by others and prompts my further questions around it’s functionality.

At some points of sale, when using contactless my card hasn’t worked, just wanted to know if there were any limitations outside the industry standards?

When using my card online, I have found a couple of times that is has not been accepted (most recently when trying to book a tennis court, can supply the name of the facility). Again are there any restrictions here?

The multiple incidents on which this has happens has created a little bit of a loss of confidence for me to use the card because I’m just not sure if it will/won’t work. It would be good to have a ‘Need to Know’ in terms of the cards limitations.

Finally, any ideas on when we might get Apple Pay? This would make a massive difference to Dozens share of wallet, especially in my personal experience.

Thanks !

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thanks for letting us know

none that I am aware of - was there something unusual about the transaction? We have the usual £30 limit for contactless. Are you able to let me know more about the event (and the date)? You can PM if you prefer - though if I need access to your account details it may be easier to email

There are many potential reasons, but there is no general limitation. We do have multiple security settings and so there may have been issues on the merchant side rather than ours. For example, if the tennis court processed your payment manually rather than through more secure channels, it might have been blocked (this is the same as when you try to make a payment over the telephone by handing over your card details rather than typing into a secure form).

We are working on this and GooglePay. It is a long process and there are some detailed technical requirements so we don’t have a specific date yet, but it will certainly come - but it will not be available in the very short term, sorry. You can still use it for topping up your account however.

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