Dozens Bonds: Unsuccessful Bid - when will my money be returned?

My bid for bonds was unsuccessful and I was notified by email.

However within the app; it appears my bid is still pending and I cannot cancel my bid. When will my money be returned?


Your money should be returned very shortly.

We are processing all the bids at the moment and the money will be returned to your cash savings as soon as we do


My money has been returned, but when I tap “View details”, it then shows a zero balance and I can’t withdraw.

Is it taking a little longer to move the balances?

If you stay on that screen for a few seconds, does the balance update correctly? It might be slow since there are many users and movements, but should work

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Ha! Yes it does, after about 20 seconds.

Time to invest in some capacity?! :wink:



My bid was rejected and the money has been moved back to ‘my cash savings’ as expected.

However, the dashboard is showing the wrong amount which looks like a bug in that its treating the refund as an additional deposit into the savings account.

thank for that - I’ll take a look and get the team on it