Dozens Black Free Period Extension

Unfortunately I’ve deleted the original topic by mistake :man_facepalming:

Although all customers who’ve been receiving Dozens Black for free should have received an email about this yesterday (17/12/21), I’ll post it again here:

We’re writing to let you know that your free subscription to Dozens Black is continuing and will run until we launch the paid option as part of a fully reimagined 2.0 app experience next year.

Before this launch we’ll get in touch to ask whether you want to move to a paid subscription or not, but until then you can continue to enjoy the service free of charge. Please rest assured that we’re not the type of company to ever move someone onto a paid option without their clear and explicit say so.

We do hope you’re getting the most out of your membership, but just as a little reminder of what you have, Dozens Black includes:

  • No platform fees when investing
  • Commission-fee FX when sending money overseas
  • Fee-free ATM withdrawals while abroad
  • A premium matte black Dozens Visa debit card
  • A dedicated customer service line

As a reminder, anyone who took part in our Seedrs crowdfund, or who held an investment with us before 31 Dec 2020, was eligible to receive Dozens Black free of charge for this period.


@RobD I got that email as I currently have Dozens Black but then got this as well… :thinking:

Hi @gt94sss2 sorry to hear about this.

Just to confirm, If you are on the dozens black free period then nothing will change for you. We’ll be back in touch when the full product launches in 2022.

Apologies again for the miscommunication yesterday.