Dozens Black card

Just got the email - new card looks great!


Just need to go on holiday now, and looking forward to the ISA transfers opening up. :grinning:


Was this email just for previous shareholders? Or is it still coming through?

I unfortunately overlooked that raise :cry:

I’ve seen it teased on this forum and am excited while defo not knowing enough about it to be :joy:

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I’ll be sharing some further news in the morning. The mailing was to existing shareholders because we are discontinuing their Shareholder card, and offering them this service (not just a card) for free in exchange.

However, I can tease a bit more to say that we will also be offering this to new shareholders who invest £1000+ but also to loyal customers who hold Investments (not Bonds, but ETFs) - so maybe you don’t have to miss out.

It will then be a paid-for service next year for those who want to upgrade :slight_smile:


Exciting times, cheers for the sneak peek @robert :slightly_smiling_face:

Runs to check email. Nothing received here yet.

Personally hoping the funds are up and running for the next tax year… :crossed_fingers:

I tend to set up my investment/savings strategy in March for April, then don’t mess with it over the year.

Also, sorting out the ISA/GIA separation issue…

Really looking forward to where dozens is going!


This is very exciting. The platform fees were the things keeping me away from investing in Dozens.

In other news, I’m now off to play the lottery:


Hi Robert. As an existing investor I’ve just received the Black Card roll out email.
Regarding the “Fee-free ATM withdrawals while abroad” will this have a monthly limit like Monzo & Revolt or not be capped like Starling offer?

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thanks @richelm

You can use ATMs up to the daily, monthly and annual limits of the card when you are abroad just as if you were in the UK, so there is no specific cap for use abroad, but there are card limits for all accounts that apply to all account holders wherever they are.

The point of offering this is to allow our customers to better manage their financial planning by tracking their account usage in a single app, rather than being an encouragement to spend abroad!

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Not that I have any plans to travel or take money out overseas but is the above different for standard (non Black) cardholders?

It is indeed the same on the Mango cards - it is something that we have offered all customers.

We have no plans to change this at all, but the Dozens Black offer is a specific and separate commitment, and as Dozens Black is a package of several Dozens Fee-Free features, it was something we felt was important to mention alongside the free FX when sending money abroad


Companies such as monzo have always given fee free transactions abroad with curve giving fee free transactions with a tiny fee at weekends

As noted above, that’s the same with Dozens :slightly_smiling_face:

You can read a bit more in the FAQs if you’re interested:
Can I use my Dozens card abroad? - Dozens.

I’ve just posted a bit more about this and a link to a new blog post about it: