Dozens App Down

Anyone else facing issues? Mine isn’t letting me login, in fact I uninstalled and the I’m having the same issue when I put my mobile number in to log back in.

Can use this thread for updates? I was hoping to transfer some money later!

Same problem.

Sorry, was just coming here to post.

As I just said on twitter:

We’re sorry, but customers are currently unable to log into the app. We’re working on the fix and expect it to be resolved in 1-2 hours. Your cards and accounts continue to work as normal. We’ll post an update as soon as this is resolved.

This is an issue only with the login / authentication and not with the accounts, so you can use your card, but not access the app.

We know the issue and the fix should be in place shortly, so hopefully by the end of the working day

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… and with the usual intervention of the law of sod …

as soon as I managed to get clarity on the issue and post the update, it seems the tech team manage to roll out the fix faster than I can type … so it seems it is already resolved

maybe you can check for me? I am able to log in myself

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It’s been down for a couple of hours for me, but it’s working now!

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