Dozens announces new partnership with Visa

I realise it has come to be expected for startups to say “we are working hard behind the scenes” and “things are coming soon”, and you can be excused for :roll_eyes: when you hear these words.

However, this is absolutely true in this case - and here’s some evidence I thought you would be interested in.

Dozens is working on some important changes to the way we work in order to bring you the very best and most useful features and services.

In June we announced that we were partnering with ClearBank who will be working with Dozens to bring you Direct Debits, Standing Orders and more. Now we can also announce that we have a truly exciting partnership with Visa to reduce our reliance on multiple third-parties.

You can read more about this in our latest blog post:


For the time being, nothing changes.

You can continue to use your card and app as normal, but over the next couple of months we will be in regular contact with all customers to tell you about all the benefits this will bring you, and let you know what changes we will be making to deliver these.

…and since you are about to ask, … yes, it will mean a new card (still the same :dozens_card: but with a few changes), but we will share much more specific details when the time is right.

In the interim, if you have questions, I will do my best to answer them for you here


Does this mean faster payments will be through ClearBank too?

A Visa Debit Card issuing FinTech how refreshing.



I’d love to know more about what you think about this.

I’m a big fan of Visa, its terms and guides are so much more logical than Mastercard, it means less confusion. It’s also much easier to deal with from a business point of view as I’m sure you will find out over time.

From a consumer point of view, its definitely more widely accepted in some countries, especially the African continent, although obliviously that is changing constantly to be more in line with multiple acceptance.

Also Visa is working at technology at a remarkable pace, with different programs operating around the world.

The Visa Zero liability program is also more enforced that the equivalent Mastercard one.

So from a customers point of view, Mastercard or Visa people won’t notice a difference, but from the background point of view there is a big difference.


I’m also quite interested to see a Visa card, does this mean we’ll all be getting replacement cards in the mail @robert? (or perhaps Apple Pay support and the ability to skip the physical card :slight_smile:)

Brings some interest to me actually as my only Visas at the minute are Nationwide, Monolith and Revolut

sort of … there will definitely be new cards, but don’t expect them quite yet.

There will be a process of moving customers over to the new systems in due course and we will be in touch with everyone to manage it.

What it does mean is that we need to have the correct information for emails and addresses for all customers so we can make sure that the instructions are sent and the cards can be delivered safely.

With the new BIN in place as well (thanks to ClearBank) we will also be able to progress other projects, including integrations with ApplePay/GooglePay and more


And a final killing of TfL blocking?

Would you be able to have me on the list of people to switch to the new system in the first batch?

This is good to hear. Did you choose Visa because it was easier to work directly with compared to Mastercard?

Honestly I’m hoping @robert chose them due to the trust aspect that people have with Visa now.

The Solo (Maestro) to Visa switch is over a decade old now. People have an established trust with Visa to take card payments as they have been doing so for all major banks for the last decade.

They’ve been doing the same in quite a few countries actually, with MasterCard focusing on Credit until recently, AFAIK.

I would certainly choose a bank using Visa over MasterCard if I had seen Visa all my life (which is likely)

I thought it was odd when everything changed from MasterCard’s Switch/Maestro to Visa Debit pretty much en masse. I have no preference for one over the other to be honest.

I was actually thinking more that I remember reading that Visa were investing a lot in fintech. Either way, it’s a good choice to differentiate from Starling, Monzo etc.

Yes, that sort of issue will be consigned to the bin ( :rofl: )

There should be news on that very soon, but I won’t promise anything until I’ve tested it in person.

I’ll see what I can do

We were never working directly with Mastercard, so it isn’t really fair to compare, but we are working directly with Visa and there are many advantages to this, so we’re very excited about what this could mean not just for existing processes, but any new developments too.

I’m flattered you think my choice had anything to do with it - though I have to admit I am quite excited to see the cards with the new logo.

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I know it takes a bit longer but I appreciate you cutting out the middleman (same with international payments). Looking forward to it all coming together soon

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Can you get the visa quick read format on new Dozens cards? I want my next one to be non embossed.

Also could you elaborate on what kind of new developments you’re expecting ? And any current processes that will be made better

Sounds exciting - if you need a Beta test group, count me in. R-


What happens to customers who currently hold two cards, regular and investor?

Presumably they get 2 replacement cards

I try not to presume/assume anything! :wink:


Both cards will be replaced as we will need to change not only the design details on the card, but your card and account numbers as well. However, don’t worry, these will continue to work for the moment and we will be in touch once the replacement process is underway.

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Any chance of being able to change the current way the account holder name is displayed? R-