Dozens and Project Imagine are crowdfunding - again (updated)

I am very excited to let you know that Project Imagine, the team behind Dozens, will soon be opening a new crowdfunding round.

Many of you will have been here when we did our first crowdfunding with Seedrs in 2019. A lot has changed in that time, and we’ve certainly been asked quite a few times if we’d do it again.

You will see that in that time Dozens has grown and matured a lot. We are not just a promise, but a reality now.

The other big change is that we have also launched Pi1, our modular, bank-in-a-box platform for banks and fintechs globally, so we are not just working in the UK.

This is exciting because Pi1 supports the Dozens mission by potentially bringing us to profitability sooner.

With Project Imagine you can invest in a number of projects (and people!). Project Imagine is designed as the first fintech with a sustainable model that solves for social purpose AND business profit.

We have decided that for this round we will be raising the money on Crowdcube. We felt this was the right platform at this time, and it also means that some of you reading this may be coming to Dozens for the first time. So, welcome!

UPDATE 8/9/2020:

We had originally considered using a new platform for this round. However, based on feedback from existing investors and ongoing discussions with all the parties involved, we have decided that the best option is actually to continue to raise our funds on Seedrs.

As we have said to our existing investors:

"As with all good management teams, we always want to ensure the best outcomes for our stakeholders – this of course takes costs as well as convenience into account but also the overall impact, and hence considering and benchmarking our deals against what competitors have to offer, is always a good idea.

While we did briefly engage with an alternative platform, we understand that this change would have caused some bigger than anticipated challenges for many of our existing investors. Seedrs have also gone above and beyond to ensure they are now indeed the best partner available for our shareholders and us, reenergising the strategic partnership and strong relationship between our two companies. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that we have decided to continue with the new round on Seedrs.”

So far nothing has changed and we are still collecting pre-registration interest from customers and our community.

As I said last time, this still holds true:

Our community is at the heart of what we do, and we want to grow our community so that we are always in sync with the needs and financial ambitions of our customers. And what better way to do that, than by making sure that as many people as possible are invested in dozens and our future success?

The round has not opened yet, and there will likely be a limit on the investment available, so I felt it was important to let you know as soon as I could that this was happening. You will also receive an email (in case you’re not reading this community regularly) to let you know.

I will keep you updated here, but the best way to know what is happening is to be on the pre-registration email list. Check out this page to get on the list.

Please note, your capital is at risk when you invest, especially when investing in startups and early stage businesses.


Excellent News :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing more details! There are some questions on Seedrs forum regarding why CrowdCube, I am sure you will share more details soon.

When are we going live on CrowdCube, Is possible to share the valuation/SharePrice etc?


If the moneybox funding round is anything to go by I expect it’s ‘appetite for fintech’ :grin:

Thank you all - this is an exciting time for us.

Keeping a regulated business going is a complex, demanding and expensive business, and it is great to have the support of our customers and community.

There will be a lot more news on the investment pages of the funding platform, but it is important that this is shared in a responsible manner and there’s a suitability test involved, so there will be some things that will only be available in those circumstances. If you are interested, do check out the page and make sure you are on the list to hear more.

If you have more general questions, I am happy to try to answer them of course!

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May have missed it, but has the date been announced yet or is it only in pre-registration?

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this is just pre-registration at the moment

the funding round itself can become rather fast and furious, so pre-registration means you give people a chance to get ready - with finances, doing their research, etc. before the opportunity is live and they don’t feel pressured, or miss out

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For me the key thing is always the pitch deck, specifically financials. Current financial situation, future projection, share price/valuation.

So unfortunately I’m not sure what research looks like without a lot of that stuff, apart from general company background, product and publicly available business plans. Which I think most of us here are probably more acquainted with than your average Crowdcube user who might be coming across Project Imagine for the first time.

Looking forward to the details being made available, though.

I have updated the opening post of this topic to reflect a recent change since our original announcement.

In effect little has changed since the round has not opened, but as it refers to the platform we will be using, I thought I should flag it to those who had already responded in case it was of relevance to you.

Thank you to all of those who got in touch with us in public and private and gave us useful feedback, and we are always happy to hear your thoughts on the best options for growing :pi: and :dozens:


I’m glad you decided to stick to Seedrs, I shall probably invest again, but I wouldn’t have with crowdcube.

Seedrs is so much more professional.


Hi @robert

Hope you are doing well, any update on this? When will this be live on Seedrs? Sorry if I missed any announcement, Chip had a hugely successful crowdfunding round recently

We’re still in the pre-registration phase

We are getting expressions of interest from seedrs investors and we are waiting for a chance to get our profile up on the platform - like you say, they’re busy with lots of activity

The actual round has not opened yet, so don’t worry, you’ve not missed anything yet.

Do you have a particular question?


Well the Crowdcube vs Seedrs debate looks like it might have been futile:

More generally, though, are you still on track for crowdfunding? I know it’s a particularly difficult time for all of that, but things seem to have got a touch quiet.


Just reading that :joy::joy:

And I’d signed up to seedrs when I was a croudcube member just so I could participate :joy::joy:

Interesting news, isn’t it?!

Yes, we had seen the news but we are progressing with ‘business as usual’. I imagine it will take some time for this to impact their existing business.

In terms of our round, we are still going full steam ahead. We have been promoting this in other places and building up the pre-registration list. The community and existing investors are already aware of this and getting on board, so we are spreading the word wider for now.

In fact I plan on pulling together some notes on this very soon, so if you have any questions (that we can answer - I imagine there’s not more on their merger that we will know about for a while) then let me know and I can add them to the list.


Looks like crowdfunding is live! :partying_face:

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Only the secret one for the moment :wink:

Actually it is the private page for those who preregistered, but as soon as it is public I’ll post more here.

If you signed up, do check your email

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Oops :zipper_mouth_face:

(Waiting on access to the pitch deck - keen to read in!)

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I forgot to register to the early thing, but nevermind.

I’m very much looking forward to knowing more when this is public!

Until it’s public (and I’ve had a chance to look at the numbers in the deck), all I’ll say is that the perks/rewards are really interesting and thoughtful. I really want the £5k one, but I can’t quite justify the cost…

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