Dozens adds in-app digital receipts with Flux

As some of you have already noted, the latest release had a special new feature: Digital Receipts

The exciting news is that we’ve been able to bring this feature out even while work on our new version of the app is still ongoing. Flux has a well-tested API, and with a great deal of work by both teams at Dozens and Flux we’ve been able to integrate this for all Dozens customers.

If you are not familiar with Flux, you can visit their site at:

In summary, Flux signs agreements with retailers to access their POS to match receipts to the transactions using a particular card (if you agree!). By agreeing to link your Dozens account, these transactions can be matched, and the receipt transferred to our app. Now, when that retailer asks “do you want a receipt” you can say “no, thanks!” and help to save the planet, but still get all the details of the transaction in your app.

While your Dozens app would already give you all the details of the amount, date/time and merchant, Flux now adds the full details of the particular receipt, with itemised products and prices, and also including all the details you might need for refunds, returns, insurance and more.

We are excited about this innovation since it adds to the range of useful information in your Dozens app, and helps you better track and manage your money. It is a further step to bring not only more granular data to your fingertips, but with this, the ability to add more analysis of your wealth, and help you make better decisions.

This is our first new partner feature for a while and we’re reviewing the experience of the customers who’ve already turned this on to ensure the app experience is smooth. We’ll go ahead and prompt more customers to sign up once this review is complete … but if you want to be among the first:

  • open your Dozens app
  • on the Dozens Home screen, click the banner “NEW: Sign up for digital receipts!”
  • select ‘Digital Receipts’ from the list of features
  • read and review the terms, including how Dozens and Flux keep your data secure, and swipe the toggle if you agree

Flux have even created a step-by-step video to help.

The range of participating retailers in the Flux network is growing all the time and we hope that you’ll find use for this feature. As more financial organisations sign up, and as more customers like you show you are interested in this data, it will encourage more merchants to sign up - so if the places you shop at regularly aren’t on the list yet, why not let them know to sign up to Flux? Maybe next time you use your Dozens card there, it will be matched!

Do let us know what you think of this feature in the comments below, and if you’ve had a chance to use it yet - we’re VERY keen to hear your experiences, and we’ll also share them with the Flux team.


This is awesome! I’m looking forward to giving it a go. Flux is a great service.

And it’s great to see Dozens expand in terms of integrations.

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I’ve heard some great things about Japan Centre so definitely hoping to find a way to indulge myself there, either in person or maybe through some online shopping, in the near future.

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