Dozen Bonds end date

@robert I’ve noticed on the ‘pending bonds’ page the cancellation date is wrong - or gives the incorrect information.

It either needs to include the time (23:59) or the next day’s date.

Actually that date is correct. The end date will vary depending on the day they go live. The next bonds aren’t issued until 4/5/21 because of a weekend and jam holiday, so via can stay open a little longer too

The current dates are in the opening post of the historic bond data topic

the issue is you can cancel your bid on 26th April too, as it doesn’t close until 23:59 of said date. The text implies it is closed before 26th April… i.e. 25th April 23:59

This also happened last month. I was going to raise it then but decided not to when that email issue happened.


I see.

I get the point. The confusion would be that if we said “before the 27th” it would be accurate, but misleading the other direction.

Maybe we can add the specific time to make it abundantly clear

However, if I am not mistaken, this button only appears while the option to cancel is open, so if you see it, you can cancel your bid, and if the time has passed, the button disappears

It’s not just the cancel button, but it’s to do with the bidding ends.

It doesn’t say anywhere else on that page when it ends (i.e. date-time, or the ‘correct’ implied date), and I use that to remember when the bidding closed. I can’t recall if before you place a bid if it has the correct date/date-time.

I think adding the time would be the easiest option (it gets messy with GMT/BST etc.), and it would keep me quiet :zipper_mouth_face:

I think the usual approach is something like this:
The bid is open between 00:00:00 5/4/21 and 23:59:59 26/4/21.

So there’s no room for any confusion.

Edit: corrected a mistake. It was wrongly written as “4/5/21”.

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assume you meant 5/4/21 :wink:

Yes… my mistake.