Direct Debits with your Dozens account

Hey guys, just signed up to dozens a couple days ago and still waiting for my card to come through the post. Just curious though (this may sound like a dumb question) but does this card support direct debits? I haven’t seen it being advertised as a feature thus far.

Also does the Current account have CASS functionality that would make it easier to fully switch over to dozens from my main account.

Many thanks

Hi Daniel, and welcome to both Dozens and to this community

That’s not a dumb question at all.

Dozens is still relatively new and we have not yet launched the facility to set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders. These will be available in the near future (still a couple of months probably) as we are in the process of a major upgrade and change to our systems.

We announced last year that we had made a few changes to our architecture, and will be switching to using Visa. We also have some other partners we will be integrating with at the same time, so lots of changes will happen at once that will give you a lot more options, including also Apple / Google Pay, IBAN numbers and more.

Until then we are not part of CASS.

You can open and use your Dozens account in the interim, and if we don’t yet have all the services you need, you can use the other features without needing to move all your financial dealings to this account. We do not charge fees for the account, and there are no “minimum requirements” for balances for example, so you can get to know the app better while we launch the full service.

I trust your :dozens_card: arrives soon :slight_smile:

Hi, Apologies for the late reply. Dozens card just came through the post today (loving the yellow) however I do have another question to do with incoming payments, specifically salary payments.

If I wanted to make this my main card for that purpose would it be possible? Or is that functionality not yet enabled. I’d imagine I could considering the account and sort code numbers on the card but just have to make sure.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Yes! You can have any payment come into your account.

Please note that until we launch IBAN, this is only for UK payments (you can easily send money abroad using the Dozens app, but you cannot yet receive foreign payments).

You have an account number and sort code so you can either transfer money by bank transfer or you can top up from another debit card.

Is there any update on when direct debits will be available?
Dozens offers so much and with N26 closing now would be a great time for Dozens to step in.
You keep coming up with great new things but you’re missing the most obvious things people need from a bank account to pay bills!

A quick question as I am a new user waiting for my card. :slight_smile: If users can’t set up direct debits how can budgets and other features be accurate?

Direct debits are coming very soon. You are right that at this particular moment, it will not include all expenditure for budgeting.

For the time being, the Track budgeting functionality can be used to monitor a specific budget based on the particular money you move in and spend, rather than your entire income.

As a second account, it could be used for day-to-day spending while keeping salary and direct debits elsewhere. Those are more fixed items in any case, so this should help to focus on more discretionary spending, and therefore opportunities to save and invest.

As we add the full planned functionality, including an eventual banking licence, it will be easier to use this for all spending of course.


Hi Robert

A quick follow up to the budget question above if I may. In the video it mentions that when setting up a monthly budget you can advise a specific cost (the video mentions a car) and the it will take that into account when showing your money left tonsoend per day/week/month.

My question is how is that adjusted when you spend some money on, in the video example a car?

For example; i have £500 a month and I allocate £100 a month in my budget for books.

That leaves £400 to spend.

If I then buy a £50 book I should still have £400 to spend in my budget (but only £50 left in my book budget) but how does the app know this? I assume I have to manually adjust the “book” figure everytime i buy a book?

I’m not sure if that was clearly asked. It’s a simply question in my head but surprisingly difficult to type clearly!

“standing orders and direct debits are not available yet - these are coming in the near future” also in another post Mar 17

May I ask if there’s any update on direct debit? I tried setting up one yesterday and I was informed the direct debit can’t be set up. Thanks in advance @robert

Curious to see if the DD’s are materializing anytime soon @robert as it’s been 6 months since your post saying soon now

Communication is important in regards to things like this

Indeed, you are right.

We’ve been working on many new services and integrations recently. I can’t give specific dates at this precise moment, but this announcement might give you some more useful information:


As they’re a clearing bank does this mean you’ll be able to bring us check imaging as well as DD’s?

Cheque imaging is on the future roadmap but is not something that will be available in the short term, I’m afraid. It is not part of the agreement we have with Clearbank, but we will certainly focus on getting the Direct Debit and Standing Order facilities in place.


I definitely agree with getting those done first - I don’t see check use increasing in the short-term but DD’s and SO’s are definitely going to increase in usage

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I cant see a way to set up a standing order, is that something that is coming ?

I know I can pay someone manually, but I want to set up a few standing orders and give dozens a try.


standing orders and direct debits are not available yet - these are coming in the near future




Sorry if I’ve missed it, but can you tell me if #directdebits are available as of yet?

I’m now looking to move some of my banking to you and this would be handy to knowing advance.


Have you seen Direct Debits with your Dozens account - #2 by robert

Looks like direct debits and a host of other enhancements should be coming in a month or so.

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Hi @Sherlock - not yet, I’m afraid.

The development and testing work needed for this have been delayed as we were required to focus our efforts on some other issues, such as Open Banking, as well.

I do not have a date for this yet, but it will probably be a few months still, but I promise to share any dates as soon as I get anything more firm.

I’ve had a few questions on the subject of Direct Debits and Standing Orders recently so felt it was better to put these different conversations in one topic so it is easier for everyone to track.

Currently there is still no update I can share. Our development team is hard at work on many different areas and integrations, particularly as we expand the services available through our PI1 platform which runs Dozens.

We are still a small organisation with relatively limited development resources so I cannot say exactly when these will be available through Dozens, but I promise to keep you updated with news when I get it.