Direct Debits & Credits

@robert just in case you didn’t see
This refers to standing orders!

Apologies - I did see this yesterday and had asked for an update, and hadn’t remembered to come back and post :persevere:

We’re still on track to launch this in the app soon, but we are still finalising and testing, so until that is complete I can’t be definite yet. It should be the end of the month or start of October. Sorry not to be too specific, but don’t want to mislead you in case there’s anything that needs tweaked and it takes a little longer

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Brilliant! Look forward to testing it out

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Payday Thursday :sunglasses:

Personal DD set up for Oct, hoping I can schedule my ISA via S/O at some point during the month!

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Where are we at on standing orders? My salary is going in for the first time this month

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Hi @Rexx

Thanks for this! Sorry we’ve not updated you recently.

I know Rob mentioned end of October, but we’ve had to push back the release of Standing Orders. It is still in the works and is close, so should be here by December. I’ve been in touch with our Product Manager on this and I’ll get you a more specific time frame when I’ve got one :+1:

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Not far from December now! Is this still looking likely…old Rob mentioned potential requirement for some testers?

Hi @Rexx Hope you’re well.

Still on for some time in December!

This would be great. I’ll be in touch with you regarding testing once details are confirmed :slight_smile:


Look forward to it!

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Any scope for testing? @RobD

Would be great to be involved with finalising the last part of the Dozens current account required for it to cover most of my needs!

Hi @Rexx ! Thanks for being so keen.

We won’t be requiring any external testing before Standing Orders go live - I’ve spoken with the product team and due to there being limited possibilities with Standing Orders (i.e SO’s don’t depend on merchants/devices/individuals) it won’t be necessary at the moment. However, when SOs do go live, which will now be in the New Year, I’ll be knocking on your door along with others on the platform for your feedback. The next stage will be building up the product and enhancing it with new features - so there’ll be a group set up for that feedback.

Looking forward to getting on with this and other testing/feedback from Community in what should (fingers crossed) be a very exciting year ahead for Dozens :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know


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Hey @Rexx expecting an update on this soon. You’ll know as soon as I do :slight_smile:


Great! Makes it easier to sing the praises. Thanks for keeping us posted.

The standing order I need to pay has 5 months left so be good to ride it out with Dozens!

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Hi everyone,

I’m Lawrence, one of the Product Managers here at Dozens.

Although I’ve not participated in the community before, I have been following the discussions with excitement and I have loved reading about ideas for new features.

Which brings me on to one feature I know has been at the top of our community’s priority list for a while…standing orders. I am happy to reveal that we have started our initial testing this week. As with all big features, we expect to find some minor issues which we will work with our engineering team to iron out before we can release it to our customers.You will be able to see out the rest of your standing order with Dozens @Rexx :wink:

With standing orders, you’ll be able to create regular payments to people or businesses, whether that’s paying your rent, giving the kids pocket money or topping up a savings ISA. You’ll also be able to easily manage your standing orders, view the payment history and cancel when you need to. Payments will process seven days a week so you know your payments will go out reliably and as expected.

I’m really excited to soon be releasing this feature as I have been working on it for a while. I’d love to hear any comments or questions about the process or the feature itself.



Good to hear it will follow suit with other fintechs here!

Will this be housed under the Payments section along with Direct Debits?

It’s good that there will be a history specific to the S/O as I don’t believe that’s the case with DDs?

Also - any character limit on the SO reference?

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Hi Rexx,

That’s right - standing orders will feature in the Payments section just under Direct Debits.

Whilst we’ll have the payment history for SOs, we don’t currently have this for Direct Debits. However, we’ll look to bring DDs in line with the SO feature in the future.

We have the same character limit as other payments within the app which is 18 characters.

Hope this helps.


Can I make a bid for a few things, please :pray:

  • standing orders for the last day of the month
  • standing orders for the last working day of month
  • the ability to make standing orders for X days before either of these
  • the ability to change a) the next, b) the next n number or c) all future payments

Loving your work. :dozens:

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In addition to the list by @Peter I would like to see the option for the first or last payment on a Standing Order to be for a different value to the regular payment.

I need to think about this a bit more but would have hope that planned direct debits will only go on working days?

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