Direct Debits & Credits


I have some questions.

When setting up a Direct Debit, am I correct in saying it will appear under the direct debit section once it has been set up, rather than when it’s first taken? Most fintech offer this but a competitor doesn’t.

When direct debits are due, can you see them pending in the transactions before?

When a direct credit is due (such as an income) does this show at all in the transaction feed in a similar manner mentioned before?



I can at least confirm that a DD shows up as soon as it’s set up (which can take a day or two).

I set up PayPal and have never used it with DD, but it’s still showing in my list.

Try out a PayPal payment for me :wink:

Since I was eBaying something today anyway… I have sacrificed 3p cash back on my credit card in order to test this :).

I suspect nothing will show until tomorrow at the earliest… by then someone who actively uses direct debits with Dozen’s will likely have answered all your queries.

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For a purchase I assume? If I does show pending, we should know by Friday!

Hi @Rexx and @dan_g

When setting up a Direct Debit, am I correct in saying it will appear under the direct debit section once it has been set up, rather than when it’s first taken? Most fintech offer this but a competitor doesn’t.

You’ll be able to see a list of all your Direct Debits in the app. These will appear when the Direct Debit has been set up. This process can take up to a few days.

When direct debits are due, can you see them pending in the transactions before?

Unfortunately we are unable to show DD’s as pending before they are taken. Once the payments have been taken and the payment is settled, they’ll show like a normal transaction in your transaction list.

Thanks for letting me know! I also have another question, I’ve had issues with another E Money institution regarding ‘reinstating Direct Debit Mandates’. It was stated that direct debits must be reset up with a new reference (quite a niche request) & they used their non Bank status to justify this. At Dozens, can direct debits be ‘reinstated’?

Hey @Rexx

At the moment you’ll only be able to cancel your Direct Debits with Dozens.
It sounds like this should fall with the merchant if you are wanting to ‘pause’ your DD’s and reinstate them at a later point? Or maybe I’ve misunderstood your question?

An example would be. Amex called for too high an amount as a refund hasn’t been taken into account, I was notified the day before…Amex told me to cancel the Direct Debit as it had already been called for (happened to be with an e money institution). After this I asked the merchant to set the DD up for subsequent month…said e money institution then rejected the set up saying it had to be set up under a new reference - I’ve never had this with a bank & they said its due to their e money status.

Another was when I wanted to move a DD back to them (to pay out of a different account), the issue around a not being able to set up a DD with ‘the same reference’ arose again.

With the Amex case, I asked the merchant to set up under a new reference and the setup kept failing…

Any response to this?

Also, how far off are we from standing orders?

Hi @Rexx thanks so much for your questions and sharing the experiences you’ve had.

Standing Orders are coming very soon indeed. I’m checking on the latest likely dates at the moment, but will confirm tomorrow when I get them.

The unique reference issue is rather niche, and not something I had ever heard about, but it is not impossible (especially if you are setting up the exact same amount), so I’ve had to escalate this to the technical experts to get back to me.

Sorry to be vague, but I’m getting the info (and learning something myself) so will be back as soon as I can

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That would be great. It would be another teaser to move the salary over (which itself couldn’t be earlier than the end of next month)

As for the Direct Debit issue, I agree that it’s niche. As a customer, it’s left me feeling out in the cold trying to explain this to merchants who aren’t used to this issue. Revolut have stated its due to their e money status, hence my queries here.

Say your Credit Card reference is the card number and the DD would always be under this reference (this can be the case) it means if for whatever reason you or the merchant has to cancel it, Revolut won’t set it back up (as its not a new reference) . As a result one has moved to yourselves already…as I don’t want to pay personal DDs from my mainstream account (which is joint & has the money for household bills in it only - presently whatever isn’t needed for this is shipped out once I’m paid but I may be looking to switch this around)

In response to my complaint about this, I got two months free premium and was told ‘were applying for a banking license’ - sounds cheap to lean on the e money status but maybe I’m wrong :thinking:. Anyway, it’d be really interesting to hear what your team has to say as for me this is part of a whole direct debit offering

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How’d it go r.e Standing Orders :blush: @robert

was actually just writing my reply :slight_smile:

So, after a bit of internal discussion to clarify the issue, I don’t believe that the ‘duplicate reference’ is an issue, at least not in the way we manage Direct Debits. I have no further idea what they were referring to, so it could be specific to them.

The reference will be created by the merchant when you set up the DD through them, so this could actually be an AMEX thing, and I’m not sure how they go about doing this. I will certainly keep an eye on this.

In answer to your Standing Orders question, our plan is to have these by the end of September. A lot can happen between now and then, but that’s our plan so I hope this fits with your needs and maybe you can help us by being one of the first to test it?!

Hope that answers your questions for now?

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I thought this the first time, as they use the same reference (the credit card number). Revolut said it needs to be a different reference and in fairness I requested this of Amex and perhaps they did not do it or did not fully understand what I was asking?

It happened again with my train pass (the DD is the pass number, so setting it back up under the same reference failed) so at this point I concluded its an issue that will persist with them

They also can’t do direct debits under £1, forgot to mention as this was another issue!

It’s good to hear this shouldn’t be an issue with Dozens, it’s not ideal to have to cancel and reset up a DD but sometimes it happens, and really you need to be able to set it up without explaining such things to a merchant…

No rush was just interested! That would be great, the one standing order I pay from a personal account can be paid at any time in a month (October then) so I’d certainly be able to test it for you.

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That is the most likely

My understanding is that there is no standard ID format for DDs so it is possible that if the merchant used the same format every time, it could cause confusion. On the other hand, if the original DD was fully cancelled then my understanding is that there would be no problem, so it is possible that if the financial institution had kept some reference to the cancelled DD then it may get rejected.

As I say, this is a bit of speculation and I’m not aware that it is the case in general, so I trust it will not happen to you again (with us or anyone else) :slight_smile:

With regard to the minimum amount for a DD, I don’t believe there would be any issue. If you have a variable DD set up, and it so happened that the amount was for £0.50 then it would not be an issue and this would be paid as normal.

The question I have is, what would a regular DD for <£1 be for?

I would imagine that small amounts like this are more likely set up as regular card payments instead rather than DD agreements, no?

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Possibly! But I’ve not faced it anywhere else, and it happening twice was too much for me. Revolut did claim the merchants were using a ‘cancelled DD reference’ as you mentioned, but again I’ve never heard of this issue with another bank. Revolut did state that not setting up on the same reference was part of their policy/process…so perhaps they don’t want the manual intervention or additional interaction with their payment processor?

As for a Direct Debit under £1. I was offered a & £22 credit from Three, it coincided with an RPI increase to £22.31 leaving the 31p…Revolut couldn’t honor it, they don’t allow you to send less than £1 via FP either

Direct Debits don’t always follow a schedule, they can be variable or used to make one off payment (Ebay fees may be a good example)

A lot of chat about Revolut but perhaps their loss will be Dozens gain :joy:

I have had one from a credit card DD, because I returned something I bought online, and the seller didn’t refund the shipping cost which was less than £1. It’s a regular DD and it was less than £1 for that month.

Other things, such as Paypal payment when buying very cheap (usually virtual/digital) items on eBay, can also be less than £1.

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How’s this looking. The salary is moving over and I could use an SO for my ISA in October