Digital receipts dismissed

Hi, whenever I hope the app, I always see the option to sign up to digital receipts. I have down so but this is always appearing. Should this not disappear once dismissed?


It should do, @jase :thinking:

Let me ask the team about this and i’ll get back to you soon.

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It’s really not a massive issue so no panic. I’ll be moving back to Dozens soon though.

Thank you Rob!

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I’ve the same issue btw

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Awesome to hear this @jase! Can I ask what brought you back? :slight_smile:

As a Product Director in FinTech, I’ve tried every banking product going.

I think while some apps serve a specific purpose really well (Chip for maximising savings and Tymit for championing payment periods), there’s not any other app that comes close to having all my finances (spend, save, invest) in a single app.

I’m also biased as where I work we are also a customer of ClearBank so I like to support the full ecosystem :slight_smile:


@jase We’ve updated the app this week and those pesky Flux notifications should no longer be an issue on the home screen, huzzah! :slight_smile: