Delay in updating balances when moving money from Spend to Grow

Not quite on the same topic, but not sure where to put general app feedback:

When I transfer money between the Spend & Grow sections it doesn’t show it’s moved and I have to completely close the app and reopen/relogin and then the balances are updated.


You can always start a new topic in this same category if you would like to share it, or send to me :slight_smile:

In this case I believe you are right and there is currently a delay in the update of the two balances when you transfer to cash savings. We are looking into this at the moment and I hope it will get fixed as this was not the case before.

I’ve always found this to be like that ever since I first installed the app back in ~September last year. FYI it’s also the same issue when moving money from Grow to Spend.


Hi Robert,

Maybe something that someone should’ve mentioned a while ago but this has always been the case for me too. Not an issue having to close the app and open it again but no matter how long I stay on the app, I do have to restart it for the transaction to appear or for the money to appear.

But for me, there is no rush in sorting this as there is a loophole for now!


Same here. Don’t know why I’ve not mentioned it before. It has always been delayed…I just got used to it.

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Thanks all for sharing.

That’s interesting. It is not something I was aware of but I will escalate it to be looked at urgently - though I’m not sure on any timelines, but I appreciate you letting us know

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Yes, always been delayed here as well - with a noticeable last - though I have never needed to choose the app.

Always meant to mention it but it was a minor inconvenience so thanks for doing so @robin99

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I was wondering if there was any news on this.

I just applied for the latest bond issue and topped up my Grow balance as part of the application process and then need to wait several minutes before the next page didn’t complain of a lack of funds.

I’ve also noticed this delay in reverse, when withdrawing cash from the grow account to the main spending account, there is also a slight but noticeable delay before the main list of transactions is updated with the credit.

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There is a delay for some customers when moving funds from Spend to Grow unfortunately. This is something the team is aware of and working on, and will likely disappear when we move to our new platform. I don’t think we are likely to see this change in the immediate future, but the new platform is coming very soon (watch this space), so I do hope it will not be an issue for long.

In the interim, as the issue is refreshing the balances, the easiest fix is to exit the app, and then re-open it straight away. This will encourage the balances to be checked and to update and you can then see the funds having moved. I appreciate that this is not ideal, so it will be fixed.

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Thanks Robert. Out of interest, though, what do you mean by the new platform? Is this the migration to ClearBank, V2 of the app, the move to Visa and/or other back end changes?

It’s not really something you’ve done much of, but I’d certainly welcome an overview of the technical platform, its components and how they interact - and what you needed to do to move to the “new platform” :pray:

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