Dark theme navigation not very good?

Grey on grey:


But you’re not alone;

Are these navigation buttons not something added by your browser based on the page colour?

I only suggest that because I don’t think I’ve encountered them before while browsing discourse.

They also appear to be common browser functions, but I am only guessing.

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DiscourseHub app on iPad.

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Ah interesting, I don’t have those on the Android version of DiscourseHub :thinking:

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That’s odd and interesting

Looks like an issue on the Discourse side rather than our design though - it seems to be taking on the colour of the top bar. Does it do this in other colours too @ColinR ?

Unfortunately I do not have an ipad to compare it with. I’ll ask around the Discourse forum as well, but not sure I’ll be able to do much

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Yeah, SimonB on the Sphere community thinks that’s what’s causing it as well.

And they have a fix over there - their navigation buttons are now the same colour as the search & hamburger buttons.

Discourse fixed it for him :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can do it myself, but my coding skills are very limited

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