Crowdfunding-Reasons why

I just got my early bird email about the crowdfunding starting tomorrow, so I’m kind curious who is going to invest and why?
Personally, I haven’t used my Dozens card yet(I’m a Monzo person) and I’m not sure whether I’m going to invest in Dozens and if so I’ll do it for a Personal Punt(to see where it goes) plus it locks away some money…
I’m curious to hear other people’s reasons why?

Three fold. I like risk and this is the riskiest sort of investment you can make. Max risk = max payout (or bust).

dozens has oodles of potential and I believe in the savings products, the dozens staff members and buy into the ethos. This is my best way of showing it.

I also collect Fintech shares.

(Being a Monzo man is fine, but their savings products are woeful. I’m excited to see @AC and the team innovate and create great savings and investment products. Potentially becoming a clear Fintech savings leader).


I was very interested to invest, a pre-registered to do so. However, being stuck on a waitlist for a number of weeks, without any ability to test out the product is really frustrating. I hope they prioritize the queue in some way and ideally soon!

TBH I wouldn’t rely/even use on Monzo savings products(I have their pot to stop me spending money).
Hmm Plus if Dozens has the same meteoric rise that Monzo did :money_mouth_face:

If they’re only a quarter as meteoric, you’d do very well.


Agreed @Codf. The dozens teams are doing a great job. If they can deliver half of what they promiseProject Imagine will be a big player in the fin-tech world for years to come. There is little to no focus on meaningful savings in this space as it stands.

I think I’m forgetting the majority of the public don’t know about Marcus etc