Crowdfunding congratulations!

Congratulations on getting over 100% funded! Great timing for your event tonight… Even more gutted I couldn’t make it!



there might be some mention of it later :wink:


I’d just seen that myself. Last time I checked it was at about 96%, so I’m guessing a rush of investment came in today? Great news! :partying_face:

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Have a beer to celebrate for me!

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I might just have done that :wink:


Congratulations everyone.

That’s not a beer… THESE are beers…!


Or how about these…


Congratulations on reaching your investment minimum target. The team has done a fantastic job maintaining momentum and replying with the highest transparency to all questions on Seedrs forum.

To be honest I thought (and I guess AC too, as I heard during the meetup) it would have take less time crossing the 750 000 GBP bar (if I am correct, Igor added 250 000 GBP to his initial 1M investment, making the institutional part 2.75M effectively).

I feel the campaign does not receive the traction it deserves. Maybe because dozens, albeit being awesome, remains a new brand and unknown to a large audience? What may explain the modest progress rate in your views (Brexit uncertainty, EIS pending, enthusiastic pledges that did not convert, confusion around the 5% bond -which I think you addressed perfectly)?

Are you expecting an uptick in investment before the end of the campaign? Are you in touch with private investors outside of Seedrs (retail and institutional) who have expressed an interest to join the round?

Or maybe it’s just me being an impatient and spoilt kid with the previous campaigns I backed.

Anyway, I have confirmed my pledge and sent family and friends your way to support dozens in its mission. Let’s push this progress bar further slow and steady


I think this is fair summary of why we didn’t see progress rocket p

Still a big congrats though :man_dancing:


Thought you’d be on the wine :wine_glass::wink:

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Where’s the wine??:wink: or better still the Salmanazar?