Credit Reference Agencies

Hey guys,

Will Dozens be reporting to any CRA’s?

With the recent debacle over at N26 (doing hard searches on files, despite saying they wouldn’t), it’d be interesting to know who/if Dozens will be reporting to?



Would also be really helpful to know if Dozens do a hard or a soft credit check when registering for an account

(And, if like N26, a hard check will be done 2 months after the account is opened :wink:)

Yes, dozens may perform a soft credit check and this will then appear as ‘onfido limited’ on a credit report (in case you were wondering who this was), but we will hopefully be changing that reference so future customers will know why this has appeared.

This is not a check that affects your score or history in any way, but it does show as an “inquiry against your report” that might visible to you but not other companies.


Thanks Rob.

Do you know which CRA Dozens will report to?

Just found this topic and I’m sure you’re aware as this was pretty big on FTT but they spoke to CRA’s and had it changed to a soft search.