Credit card, but no debt

dozens is not going to offer consumer credit products, which is one of the most attractive things about dozens (for me).

I wonder if something like the “prepaid” bunq credit cards would be an option though

Essentially, this does all the credit card stuff, like s75 and deposits, etc, but backed by a cash deposit, not lending.

It’s not something anyone has copied yet, but I suspect would appeal to a section of the dozens community. Plus, it would be a credit card without the need for a credit check, so potentially a huge step forward in accessibility, particularly if it worked with micro amounts (£50 or something).

Thoughts? No idea how bunq do this, BTW!

Not looked to deeply into the Bunq product but it sounds like a secured credit card which various firms have had in the past here in the UK.

Most recently, is probably the Tymit Booster Card which comes with no interest but a not insignificant monthly fee which makes it only suitable for a few…

Yes, the bunq card is a pure deposit v card limit, so I don’t see it as comparable to Tymit, which is more a straight up charge for credit. I mean a zero charge product that takes a deposit instead of lending. I wonder what the costs look like, after interchange and any potential return on the deposits.

Can you access the bunq product still?

Do you mean the Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty? If so, Zen also do this very nicely and you are issued with extended warranty insurance backed by Axa upon account opening.

For me, I think it’s good to utilise some of the “save” power people may have in their Dozens app to offset risk, but personally I think it would be more beneficial for a personal loan than a credit card.

Yes, I still have the bunq credit card. No idea if I could get it now! Not much call to use a EUR account recently with restrictions… :joy: