Couple of weird bugs

Android 10 (QP1A.190711.020)
Google Pixel 1
App 1.6.6 (Build 5.8.0)

Tried uninstalling, re-logging in, cleared cache etc.

Bug 1: No apparent notifications for card transactions. I did receive a notification for the bond opening last week, but nothing since, even though I’ve used my card several times each day over the last few days. (Card is active and I have seen notifications for card transactions previously)

Bug 2: I set up a budget this morning on the track section, this has now disappeared and reverted to a ‘explore track features’ button. Which shows me a screen I can’t bypass with the info on, I can only go back to the previous screen, not forward to set a budget or see the existing one!

Any thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:

For bug 2, have you tried staying on the screen for 20 seconds plus? The server could just be overloaded.

Ha, weird, so all afternoon it’s been like that. I wait, before posting.

See your post, go to try and it’s straight in aggghh.

So still bug one I guess…

Thanks tho :slightly_smiling_face:

Always happens, heh? :slight_smile:

Will look into the other issue

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Just updated to October Android Release (QP1A.191005.007.A1) and it seems to have kicked back into life (or thanks for fixing it :grinning:)

We are working on a number of upgrades and fixes, but I don’t think anything was specifically done on this subject (yet). Could be something on your device if this upgrade made a difference?

However, I guess I’ll just take the credit :wink:

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Are you doing anything to improve the speed/responsiveness of money transfers? I think it would improve a lot if you included a manual update for the bank balance. Every month, my rent payment gets rejected and I end up just sitting around watching my balance as I try to transfer my money over to monzo to pay for my rent. This can take up to 15 minutes for the money to move. This is a huge inconvenience and should be fixed if you want to compete with the likes of monzo and revolut

that’s unusual!

transfers are fairly instant - but you do need to remember to include the full name and details of the payee (not initials) to make sure there are no delays involved with confirmation processes on either the sender or receiving account end.

I’m not sure I understand about rent payments getting rejected or about manual balance updates though. Do you mean this is something coming out of your Dozens account? How would you manually adjust the balance?

If this is only about your account, it would be better (in fact necessary) for you to contact us at or via in-app chat so we can look into it and maybe review any issues.

However, I am happy to discuss any general app improvement ideas here as long as no personal details are required

Thanks for the response, I will keep it in mind and will send an email with more details. Im not sure why but my rent payments also gets rejects, possibly something to to with the confirmation/verification stage. So when im transferring money out to pay through another account, there is quite a long delay from the money leaving and appearing in my monzo account. I’ve seen on other apps where you can drag down to refresh the details, i think this would be a useful feature