Core banking platform

Have you built your own core banking platform? If not, which third party do you use for this?


I was browsing some recent “hot” topics in the dashboard, to see what customers were searching for answers for in the community, and this old question popped up at the top of the list.

Sorry that I was not in a position to answer in 2019 when you posted it @djones014 (hope you are still around) but if you are still interested … yes! In 2021, we have built our own platform.

Or rather, :pi: (Project Imagine), our parent company has. We called it Pi1 … see what we did?

We had always planned for the services we built to be modular and flexible, and that this could be offered to other businesses, but it took a while to design / build / launch (with Dozens) / test / modify and then make available.

Today, it is Dozens that runs on Pi1 … and Pi1 is in discussions with other financial service businesses around the world, to power their business. As such, it is a little beyond the scope of this community to go into too much detail but I’m happy to answer what I can and to forward any enquiries.

Unlike some other BaaS (Banking as a Service) platforms, the experience of Dozens helps to prove the potential of the service, and also means we can use the experience of the UK market (and its competitive fintech industry) to keep refining the Pi1 platform for other customers and markets.

For further information on Pi1, check out this link


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