Community in a time of uncertainty

What strange and unexpected times we live in!

None of us could have imagined, even just a couple of weeks ago, that we would be advised to isolate ourselves from the world, including friends and family.

In turbulent times there is great value in keeping some sense of normality and routine in place.

Having somewhere to go where we can feel a bit normal and switch on the other parts of our brains that aren’t stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode is essential. We can’t worry about Covid-19 for 24 hours a day, and nor should we.

Communities like this are just such places. Somewhere away from it all, where you can express your true self with people who share your interests, and feel safe. Somewhere you can feel like you’re part of something, and where you can get, or offer, help.

With this in mind, we will continue to run the We Are Dozens community as a place to chat about anything to do with your financial concerns – not just about the Dozens app, but also ways of coping day-to-day and how to adjust to this new way of living. We won’t ignore the situation, but we will try to concentrate on how we get by and what happens next.

If there is anything you think we can do to help you, let us know and we will do our best to support you. We’re here for you to discuss any issues, or to let you know where else you can turn for more specific advice.

We are doing everything we can to look after our team so that, in turn, we are always there to look after our customers. As with most UK businesses, we are all now working remotely. As a new startup, we were very much built with a flexible and connected way of working anyway, so we think we’ll be able to cope particularly well. It also means we have some experiences to share about working from home and our customers’ new circumstances.

As with any times of uncertainty and confusion, there are those who are ready to try to take advantage of the situation. Please be aware of potential scams. Keep your account details safe and be careful who you send money to. If you are ever in doubt, please do feel free to get in touch with our customer service team, or even to ask for advice here.

We will continue to share stories, ideas and ask questions on We Are Dozens, so please feel free to chip and visit once in a while to say hello.


Easiest bread to make :slight_smile:


Looks delicious! We make a super-easy Irish Soda Bread that is gluten free as well - rarely looks as impressive as that though :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that recipe more or less doubles in the tin.

A friend of mine got laid off yesterday due to our old pal covid. But today he posted on LinkedIn that he was looking for work and almost immediately got overwhelmed by recruiters contacting him. So it’s a little comforting to know that there is still plenty of work for us in the software industry even if we do lose a job due to the virus, though I imagine that won’t be the case for all industries.

Thankfully my job should be fairly secure. My employer did a Coronavirus Q&A yesterday after announcing that we would all be asked to work from home until further notice, and they gave a lot of assurances that we will all continue to be paid and that we have plenty of work still, with a good remote working process. Due to the nature of the client I work with (one of the major courier services), I doubt there will be too much disruption to their day to day operations. Even if there is, apparently the way that we agree contracts with clients means that we’ll still be paid by them no matter what :eyes: so I’m sure they’ll keep me as busy as ever :smiley:

I may well jump on the bread baking bandwagon though, that could be fun… I haven’t baked anything since leaving school lol

In financial terms, I’m hoping that leaving the flat far less will mean that I don’t spend as much… I certainly won’t have the weekly pub trip harming my bank balance any more :joy:


Thank you so much for sharing this @Albatross . :hugs: I’m hearing many similar stories of friends and family being laid off, so it’s trying times for us all.

That’s a really reassuring point! May sound silly, but I forgot recruiters were out there. My house mates are in the same situation as your friend so I’ll be sure to advise them to try LinkedIn too. :pray:

Your positive attitude is exactly what we need right now! Do you have any favourite baking recipes to share with us? For me, can’t go wrong with flapjacks!

Wow, that looks delicious! The real question is, are you a lather-on-the-jam type or a pile-on-the-cheese type?

When it’s fresh out of the oven all you need is butter :yum:


haha very true. I think you’ve made us all hungry now. :wink:

I haven’t baked in a very, very long time. My friend gave me a recipe for a lactose free chocolate cake back in my teens. It was surprisingly chocolatey and gooey, better than many chocolate cakes I’ve had that do have milk :smiley: I’ll have to see if I can dig that recipe back out.

Yep, you can’t go wrong with flapjacks :drooling_face:

The only problem is they seem to disappear very quickly…not sure why…


Cant beat their crumpet recipe either!


This is a revelation! I never though of making my own crumpets! Is this Britain’s best kept secret? :stuck_out_tongue:


Those look amazing @ColinR - are you managing to keep up this effort?

I’m hoping to do some backing but have struggled to get yeast at the moment. I’m hoping some will come tomorrow and I can join in the creative pastime - might even share pictures of my efforts.

In the interim I have already made a ‘spiced carrot kraut’ by fermenting grated carrots with spices. They’ve been developing for the last week and I hope to bring you some pictures and feedback shortly - maybe needs a few more days!

Been following Jack Monroe on Twitter because at 5pm everyday people send pics of what’s at the back of the cupboard and then get recipe ideas in return. Made an amazing risotto with orzo (kind of small pasta), tinned peas, and frozen spinach. Will last a few days and I can spice it up with chilli flakes later to stop me getting bored.

Still doing soda bread cos it’s quick and easy.


Making me hungry! I’ve joined a FB group that does that too - share pictures of your cupboard and get recipe suggestions

Thankfully we’re still doing OK, so not had to get THAT creative yet, but it would be good to have things I can make with the kids to keep them involved

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That’s a brilliant idea! It’s like having your own personal digital grandma giving you cooking advice.

Have you been experimenting more with food recently?

To not let any food go to waste I’ve been throwing together some pretty adventurous dishes. Celery and cashew-butter is my new guilty favourite. :shushing_face:

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Well I’ve made the risotto go further by experimenting - day 2 added half jar beetroot & juniper chutney from back of fridge plus spoonful of capers, day 3 portion added to tin of tomato & basil soup :canned_food: :herb:, and that leaves a portion in the freezer for later :+1:


I don’t tend to follow recipes, I prefer to experiment myself and see if I can make something good myself. Though I do tend to keep to extremely simple to cook meals.

Something I started doing, a couple of weeks before social distancing started actually, because I missed roast dinners :joy: was buying a joint of meat on a weekend to cook myself a roast dinner with, and then seeing what I can make through the rest of the week to use up the rest of the meat.

I hoped it’d make me be creative and increase the variety of things I cooked… I actually ended up just cooking the same few things each week :joy: but either way, this week was lamb and I made a pretty nice lamb fried rice last night :drooling_face:

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