Come and say hello in Manchester

We loved the excitement generated by meeting you in person in our offices back in March with the launch of the crowdfunding.

Put 11 July, 2019 in your diary

However, it has been a rather manic few months since then, and this means that everyone at Dozens has been largely locked in the office working on the launch, crowdfunding and getting some of our new features developed.

It is definitely time to put some new dates in the diary to meet face to face and get to know each other better.

We want to do lots more of these meetings (and we’ll also share news of other local events soon), but these shouldn’t only be for those who can make it to the London office. We thought it would be better and more interesting to travel up to Manchester and organise an event for the wider community.

Can you make it?

This will be an informal event where we can meet you and hear your thoughts and maybe answer questions or do hands-on demos. We will also share some details of our roadmap as well as share some of the stories behind our communications designs.

Places will be limited, so do RSVP and save your spot.


Just a reminder for anyone that might be within convenient travel distance from Manchester that we will be having our event on the 11th where some of the team, including myself, will be there and we’d love to meet as many of you as we can in person.

Do sign up to reserve your ticket (places have to be limited) and encourage your friends to join us if they might be interested to know more about Dozens

See you there.

My office is in next building to the WeWork Spinningfields, great location for me. Thanks :grinning:

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Ha! Excellent planning then :slight_smile:

Maybe we can tempt some of your colleagues to come over to the Dozens way of life with you?

I’ll try Rob.

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We sent a reminder to customers last week and we’ve had loads of interest in this event which is great. I am personally very much looking forward to it.

If you are in the area, or at least find it easier to make it to Manchester than London, then do come along.

If neither of these options suit you, then do feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion of where we should organise an event next, maybe for just after the summer holiday season. Any ideas?

Getting set up here at the very chic WeWork space at One St Peter Square in Manchester for tonight’s event

Hope you like the shirt

See you at 6!!


Thanks to those who made it to the event. At the final hurdle, the British summer rain decided to stop play … by absolutely tipping it down EXACTLY between 5:30 and 6:30 … meaning that many of those who had planned on coming were understandably dissuaded, and decided to head home to dry out instead.

It is a real shame as there were so many on the list I would have liked to meet in person - maybe next time! However, I am grateful to those who did come (including the person who turned up in t-shirt, shorts and sandals DESPITE the weather - talk about an optimist!) and we had some very interesting conversations with WeWork users who wondered what we were up to as well.

I trust the presentations were interesting and you learned from this. We certainly enjoyed chatting to you.

If you missed it, we let attendees into a few more details about upcoming releases including some updates regarding GooglePay top-ups, new ways of sending and receiving money, some navigation changes and a radical design update for Track which will be released soon.

We will do some more of these events soon, and maybe they’ll be near you next time.

Giving away August Roadmap in this pic @robert?? :wink:

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I wondered if anyone would comment on that. :slight_smile:

Since we announced these to the participants at the event, it is only fair.

I didn’t share the pictures with the new Track designs though - you’ll now have to wait for those to be released … but we’re very excited to hear what everyone thinks of them

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Looking forward to seeing the progress!

Thanks for a great night Robert enjoyed the presentation you and all the dozens staff that was there gave us. wonderful to meet you all looking forward to a wonderful and happy financial future everybody looking to the next meet up weather permitting

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