Choose your team - Android or iOS

We all have a favourite … and we tend to be very loyal to that team.

Apple users love their iPhones and therefore live within the ‘iOS’ world

On the other side you have the Android fans and the many (many, many) different phone options, screen sizes, “flavours” and other issues to create the variety of the Android world.

Which is your team? (click ‘Join’):
<< click to join Team Android >> - with me
<< click to join Team Apple >> - with @katja

Many app developers tend to favour one of these worlds over the other, build an app and eventually translate it into the other, but we’ve chosen to develop and maintain both versions of our app at the same time.

The result is that the experience (and feedback) can sometimes vary between the two, so we have to ask you each time what version of our app you are commenting on. If you join one of these ‘teams’ we will at least be able to keep an eye on whether this is affecting your experience, but as a bonus you’ll also be able to identify your fellow fans.

Joining these groups will also give you the relevant ‘Badge’ (this will usually update overnight) that will show on your profile, but there’s no obligation to do this


… surprisingly even split so far

Any guesses what proportion we will tend towards?

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I’ts hard to say.
I think these start-up Fintech products in general tend to appeal more to techy people who I would think lean towards Android because of the freedom it gives with customization, etc.


If users on here mimic the stats there will be around 74.5% Android against 22% iOS. R-

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I’m resisting to make the ditch-and-switch happen… I’m considering Android for a few devices that can also run as a desktop computer with just a HDMI cable and wireless keyboard and mouse… but Apple is winning so far for intuitive design. :iphone:

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