Cheque Imaging

Could Dozens say if cheque imaging is on your roadmap at all?

I have a feeling it would be a very popular feature…

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It is on our mind, for sure! Especially in light of the fact that a cheque deposit in app can help ease people’s lives in areas where bank branches have closed down!

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As a matter of interest, how many cheques have you had to cash in the last 12 months?

If you select any other than ‘none’ can you let us know what this was for (generally)? Was it a refund, or a personal / family transfer, or maybe for business reasons?

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  • 10 +

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I only ever get them for birthdays occasionally from relatives and also from a cashback promotion every few months or so for my sim only plan on


Off the top of my head, in the past year, I’ve had cheques for :

a) sim only cashback deals ( ) - 5 cheques per contract/year;
b) dividend cheques;
c) a refund from TV Licencing;
d) a cheque from a solicitor;
e) personal cheques (family)
f) refund from a utility

I know my brother/sister in law also got lots of cheques when they got married…

I note The Times are also suggesting that the banking industry may be introducing a 1.25p fee on electronic transactions in an article about TSB’s plans to compensate fraud users which I imagine could alter customer behaviour/increase cheque usage again.

Moreover, the voluntary code, to come into effect from May 28, is likely to be funded by all bank customers and is only guaranteed for a year. One option for funding the scheme is to levy a charge of 1.25p on all online bank transactions. Only Nationwide and Lloyds have said they will not pass on the cost to customers.

Regular cheques from DVLA for doing reports. They refuse to pay by bank transfer.

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I get about 1-2 per year, normally for Christmas.

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I get lots of cheques, I’ve been depositing them digitally with Barclays for a couple of years, so the whole having to wait days for cheques to clear isn’t something I’m used to.

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Cheques for refunds , cash back, presents 5 ish a year

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a cheque from british gas every quarter for my solar

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3 cheques a year for this past two years, for my stipend provided by another organisation (not expecting anymore in the future because the end of this arrangement - and they have also moved on to BACS payment using sort code and account number).

& occasional cashback cheques (~1 a year)

To be honest, cheque is dying, but it’s just that the dying features also need a big support since the existing resource has drained.

A single cheque in the last 4 years, from a stupid bank who underpaid me interest of £1.29 but didn’t have the facility to donate this to charity on my request…

I submitted the cheque out of principle, to which they stopped it for suspicious activity, then had to send it again…

2019… may cheques go the same way fax machines are…!

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I’ve just noticed if I want to cash out my ISA with Virgin Money they send cheques, so that’s another big company that still uses them. Considering its a bank that is stupid though.

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Hi Rob,
any timelines available on this yet?


Well, the results of this research did help to put this on the roadmap for future development, so I know that it is going to be worked on, but it is on the “6-12 months” level rather than anything much more specific at this point.

We have a lot of functions we need to roll-out in the next 3 months, so I suspect it will have to wait until those are in place before we can start to get more specific about this.