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I know that the ability to add your Dozens account to digital wallets is important to you, and many of you have been asking us about this topic here, and directly via customer service.

I’ve mentioned before that we are working on this, and it would be something that would be able to happen once we ‘migrated’ to our new systems as we switch to our Visa cards and other new partners.

Well, … this image was shared by our internal development team today, just before lunch, and I thought that a few of you, like @misterbreen @wbrowngala @Jon @cyruswen & @Mike , might like to see it while it’s “fresh”


This is still not available to current cardholders, but will be coming to the new Dozens app in the very near future, along with many other upgrades and innovations.


Looking awesome, I’m not an Apple guy myself, but excited for Google Pay (and potentially Samsung Pay).

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When will I get the new card so I can use this new way without using curve all the time

This is all starting now, but cards are not going out quite yet

We are doing internal testing, then there will be a short user testing process, then we will be in touch to let you know that the cards are going to be replaced.

The good news is that one of the innovations we are bringing on are new virtual cards, so we should be able to get you up and running on these fairly soon after the switch.

The important thing will be to watch out for announcements via email (so we reach all customers) but obviously also here where we will be able to keep you more updated with details

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Virtual cards would that work with curve like the physical one so can use it straight away in person would virtual ones work on Apple Pay

These virtual cards will allow you to create ‘tokens’ to use on other wallets, so … yes, in both cases :slight_smile:

You should not need physical cards at all except maybe for ATMs, … though I imagine that will change in time (if they upgrade their networks before everyone in the UK stops using cash at all)


Cash is still in use on certain public transport as only payment on board unless bought in advance and is still used in some small shops as they can’t get use of chip and pin card machines so cash want stop fully I do use card more but fall back on to cash at odd times

Garmin Pay? Niche I know however just hoping.

What’s the black card that’s being mentioned

this is a little off topic for this discussion, but we’ll also share details of that here in the community soon

too much excitement for a single thread :joy:

that’s not on the roadmap at the current time as it is very niche … but once the major wallets are sorted, you never know as there are a few smaller players. It will depend on demand as well as the complications of implementation.

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Samsung pay for those with one of the biggest mobile phone producers

For now, you could always use Curve with Dozens.

They support Garmin Pay, so you can link your Dozens card to Curve. Then add your Curve card to Garmin Pay.

I’ve been doing this for a while for adding Google Pay to Dozens until it is implemented directly.

It may sound a little complex (and certainly not as slick as a native implementation), but after it is setup, you can forget about Curve.

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Curve has its advantages like cashback which I use but when it’s not cashback I want option to just use cards on Apple Pay etc directly avoiding using curve limits up where possible


Acknowledged and I will just keep poking :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Jack, I do have a Curve card and use it with Garmin Pay but longer term look to de-clutter and see Dozens replacing many other accounts / apps. The fact that Curve breaks the geo location aspects of the Dozens app is a downside.


Ah gotcha, and absolutely agree with the location data. That’s why I’m excited for the Dozens implementation too!


Being an Apple user and having an applewatch, I am very excited about this!


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Bump: Garmin Pay please :smile: Then I might be ready to ditch Revolut. COVID contactless payments have transformed my use of the watch as a payment tool.

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